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Southwest Asia Unit 7

Chapters: 21 Physical Geography; 22 Human Geography; 23 Today's Issues

Diana Morey

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Southwest Asia Unit 7

Physical Geography of Southwest Asia Which of Southwest Asia's deserts is about the same size as the Mojave Desert of the U.S.? How do the tallest mountains of Southwest Asia compare to the tallest U.S. mountain? What sea is north of Turkey? What gulfs separate Saudi Arabia and Iran? What sea lies between Jordan and Israel? What is the most widespread religious group in Southwest Asia? What is the dominant religion of Iran? What is the major reason for U.S. interest in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf? Along the Mediterranean coast and across most of Turkey, Landforms and Resouces The Dead Sea The Jordan River The Tigris and Eupharates Rivers because irrigation allowed farming Assyrians and Babylonians Rivers flow through parts of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria Salt Flat deserts created when wind evaporates moisture out of the soil leaving salt home of the world's oldest civilizations Climate Rub al-Khali largest desert in Saudi Arabia Translation: "place where no one comes out" Golan Heights a hill area overlooking the Jordan River Fought over by Israel and Syria HEI - Human-Environment Interaction Oil plentiful in many areas of the Middle East Crude oil sent to a refinery refinery converts oil into useful products gasoline and plastics Transporting risks Tankers run aground or may colide pipelines may leak To have large scale farming need to build dams and irrigation systems hot summers and rainy winters (southern California) citrus fruits, olives and vegtables. Drill for oil Page 478 the lowest spot on earth. Very salty flows into the Dead Sea used to irrigate the desert. Chapter 22 What is the major reason for U.S. interest in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf? Oil Mediterranean coast good for Crops Citrus fruits, olives and vegtables Page 479 Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Dead Sea Black Sea They are not as tall An-Nafud Which mountain chains cut off Turkey and Iran from the rest of the region? Taurus and Zagros How might isolation affect the way a country develops economically? it may make trade and communication more difficult. Page 483 Shi'ite Muslim Sunni Muslim Page 483 Page 492 Reading a Vegetation Map Page 494 good climate for growing
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