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Next Generation GIS

No description

Jessica Fendos

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Next Generation GIS

Concurrent Use Server- Enterprise

Prime Directive -
Managing A Fistful of Data

Next Generation GIS -
Managing A Fistful of Data

The Bridge
The Starship and its Plasma


10.2 Ramsey Enterprise ArcGIS Licensing

12 4 8 1 2
https antagonist
GIS User Group

The Galactic Core
Parks and Rec

General Public

Public Works

Health and
Human Services

Sheriff & Emergency Management

County Attorney

Aerial Photos

Environmental Services




Base Maps
& Globes

Ramsey County

The Federation in the Cloud
AGOL Services
Captain Koukol
Lt. Commander
Design a mobile app that:
Tracks playgrounds and related equipment
Provides a simple update interface
Maintains a Ship's Log of all inspection events

Key Colonies

Data Display
Third-party integration
Project Sharing

Business Data Integration
Narrow Customer Focus

Data Sharing
On-the-fly addition of SHP and CSV

Online Editing
Social Media Integration

Parcel Fabric


Property Records & Revenue

Metro Address Application

Statewide Centerlines

County Map
Red Alert... Red Alert...
Request for Help from
Parks and Recreation Sector
Required weekly inventory of
all playground equipment

Current technology is slow and
labor intensive

Star Fleet (okay, State Regs) require data retention for 20 years!

Tonight's Episode
A quick survey of our Galactic Neighborhood

A update on Enterprise 2.0

Voyages into the 10.2 Frontier

Examination of a New Species: Playground Inspections

Please don't all ask at once....

ArcGIS Online organization subscription serves as the front end transporter to transmit field collected data
Beam It Up, Scotty!
One Trek MindsThink Alike
SQL Store Procedures
Operation Dash Board - Field Inspectors
Operation View - Park Administrators

Enterprise Security
Esri bugs
Ramsey local cloud
Out in the Field
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