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Technology In The Classroom

Taking a modern step forward to see how we can be more efficient in using technology in the classroom.

alyssa esmond

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology In The Classroom

Double click anywhere & add an idea Technology in the Classroom Fact:Kids are good with computers Fact:I want to keep up with my students HOW? Blog's
A good way to keep students and parents both updated about whats happening in the class.
A blog will allow your students to a resoruce to know classroom events, important things to remember like lesson reviews or premission slips.
A blog can be a way to narrow the generational gap between students and teachers
It can be an incentive, if the teacher posts exceptional work on the blog. Videos As our world becomes more technologicly avdanced and relient we can embrance it by using video's as a resource and tecahing aid in our classroom. (pretty much anything you want to learn to do you can with youtube!)
Letting students make their own video projects requires them to use multiple skills. It taps into their creativity,their computer skills, their planning and mapping abilites ( through storyboarding and writing scripts)
It lets them use their own voice in a new way. If we can get away from written papers and use videos instead our students will find it more engaging. Wiki's It is a know and proven fact that students learn better and flourish more when an educator uses the combination individual learning and assessment and group and distributed learning. Group dynamics teach differnt skills. It is that simple
WIKI'S are the most efficient way to work in groups. It lets the students all contribute to add modify that common site or idea. It also gives a better chance of misconceptions being corrected when all can add to and correct the site
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