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A Look Inside My Classroom

No description

Alexus Murillo

on 6 December 2017

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Transcript of A Look Inside My Classroom

Making the material relevant to the students
Sharing of experience
Hold students interest
Twelve Angry Men
A play that's centered around the late 1950's
Central Focus: Justice Prevailing
Facilitation --> encourage learning
Encourage to transform their views on life to be more compassionate
Free to make their own choices
Participation Randomizer
Deck of playing cards with the students name on them
As much as we may deny it, we're going to be working with teenagers
Lesson Plan 6
Focuses highly on the issue of racism and prejudice
Spend a lot of time discussing harsh remarks --> "These people are born to lie. Now, it’s the way they are and no intelligent man is gonna tell me otherwise. They don’t know what truth is. Well, take a look at them. They are different. They think different. They act different. Well, for instance, they don’t need any big excuse to kill someone"
Is It Finally Over?
We all know the answer to that .... "not just yet"
Good Luck to all of us on our journey
See you again in EDU 375 !!
A Sneak Peek In My Classroom
This play closely relates to --> Respect
Goal: Respect of the Diversity in the classroom
The defendant is never identified; always referred to "those people"
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