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Becoming a Missional Congregation

Biblical and theological foundation and effective strategies for creating a "missional climate" in congregations that will foster strategic outreach into the community with intentional conversations cross-culturally

Hector Garfias

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Becoming a Missional Congregation

Becoming a Missisonal Congregation
When I hear the word
What is Missional?
Being a Missional church
I think about…
Where things are made or repaired using tools
A group of people SHARE their
Time for discussion and practical work on a particular subject
We forgot that it’s not so much that the church has a mission as that the mission has a church.
Becoming a Missional Congregation
Let us be strong and courageous as we witness to your truth and grace, O God. No matter where we find ourselves, may we always abide in you. Jesus, as you went boldly to the cross, send us with confidence into the everyday places of life. Grow our faith as we serve and share. Amen.
The church was never designed to be a fortress for the righteous, but a flood of revolutionaries, bringing the Good News of the Kingdom to broken lives and broken communities. Both in the New Testament and outside the Western, "developed world," the church knows herself as an
unstoppable grassroots movement,
despite the great challenges of scarcity and persecution.

Missional Moves By Jack Magruder and Rob Wegner
To bring …?
To go to …?

What will we find “across”?

What will we hear in the homes?
"...every believer—and by extension, every believing community of Christ—has the same full potential for world transformation present in even the smallest part."
Prayer time!
Miss... What?
Let me Google it!!!
Send a Tweet!!!
"...the church Jesus started already has everything in it to get its job done. Read that sentence again: ecclesia is perfectly designed to fulfill its mission and purpose..."

- Alan Hirsch
Movements grow only in proportion to their capacity to make disciples
Discipleship is the key to cultivating a missional ethos
No disciples, no movement.
Google results
Mission 1,060,000,000

Missional 2,050,000

Becoming Missional Congregations 470, 000

Being Misisonal Congregations 753,000
Leadership is directly proportional to discipleship.
Faith story (tweeting your faith story
Small groups
Acting our way into a new way of thinking!
many still think that because a church does mission, there it is a missional church
"...the missional impulse describes the outward-bound impulse that urges the church to reach beyond itself to its immediate neighbors, often across cultures and class, and eventually to the whole world." From On the Verge
14.7 %
260 Chicago Children Killed By Violence
How do we engage with another within the community of faith (Discipleship and leadership)
How well do we engage with the context?
How well do we identify with the context?
How well does the congregation communicate with its context?
the way we are sent must be influenced directly by how God engages the world in Jesus.
Missional God leads to missional church. Incarnational God leads to incarnational church.
Unleashing God's people
Inspires Motivation
Deepens cultural engagement
Calls for integrity in our witness
Not a program attracting
Invests in people
People are missionaries where they are
Not expensive
Size does not matter
Invite others
Bear witness
Dismantle barriers
Who is the congregation for/among? (Targeted population?)

Who is the ministry by? (Human and Financial Resources)

Who is the ministry with? (Partners, doing what other what we cannot do by ourselves)
21 You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt. 22 You shall not abuse any widow or orphan. 23 If you do abuse them,…
Ex 22:21-24 (NRSV)
“The faith in Jesus Christ, who
made our cause his cause,
frees us from pursuing our
interests only, and creates in
us the space for the interests
of others. We are ready to
perceive justice where we
previously saw only injustice—
if indeed the cause of the
others is just.” *
Miroslav Volf

*Exclusion and Embrace, p. 215
Churches don’t just happen. They grow out of love and faith and commitment—which is to say that they grow out of a passion for Christ, the gospel, and the people of God loves.

Taken from pg 8 of They Are Us by Stephen Bouman and Ralston Deffenbaugh
Missional practices
Planting the gospel
Church follows mission
Church outward vision
Jesus for/with/of the community
Mission as the organizing principle and impulse
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