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CV upside-down

CV in a different format

Medea Baccifava

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of CV upside-down

Experiences: FMCG: Marketing Assistant Marketing agency: Project manager Consultancy: In-house Consultant Double degree Oxford Brookes University Oxford, UK, International Business School (IBS) Budapest, Hungary BA Bocconi University Milan, Italy, Marketing and Management Master of Science NCCU University Taipei Taiwan, IMBA program Management specialization International Advertising Association
New York, USA, Marketing diploma.

Montgomery College, Washington DC, USA Principles of Management Student Diplomacy: Volunteer My CV ! Innovative professional
with 6+ years experience
working in advisory and
international marketing
Italian-Hungarian dual citizen
Out of the box communication expert Consultancy: Consultant Extra curricular courses: What is this presentation? Education Objective:

A challenging international position where well honed international communication and customer management skills can be applied to business opportunities. Why
Creator Outreach and Content Management Strategist? PR & Comm. agency: Co-founder 5+ years of technology PR & communication background Amden Kft (Marketing agency group)

delivering & coordinating regional PR and communication campaigns
key-accounts: HP, Novartis, Netgear, SMC
territory: HU/CZ/SL/PL
tools: customer management, delivering com. campaigns,adaptation technical articles, PR.
duration: 3 years Valdani Vicari & Associati (Business consultancy)

creating communication & lunch campaigns on technology products
key-account: European Commission/ GSA
territory: Europe-wide
tools: site management, events, technical articles, blogs, social media
duration: 1+year Paradicsommedia (Communication agency)

developing Integrated IT PR communication
key-accounts: SkinZone, SkreenShield
territory: Hungary
tools: social media, articles, webinars, games, journalist management
duration: 1 year (on going) One quarter activity for a client Examples of a PR campaign OTHERS (coupons, inserts games) Blogs, forums, testimonials Tests, video, webinar Social media Articles Medea Baccifava http://www.linkedin.com/in/medeabaccifava OTHERS (coupons, inserts, games) Blogs, forums, testimonials Social media Tests, video, webinar Articles (Paradicsommedia) WHAT I WOULD DO FOR BuzzMyVideos?

goal: to assist growth trough customer satisfaction

how: by maximizing the efficiency of old and new clients' YouTube channel communication
in more detail: client handling, managing content creators, and media companies' YouTube channel. Promotional activities for its network, reaching out for opportunities and PR activity for BuzzMyVideos.

possible starting time: November 1996-1999 2002-2003 2004-2007 2009-2009 2011- 2012-
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