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Week 1 Day 2

No description

Paula Norris

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Week 1 Day 2

Week 1 Day 2

Do Now
Place homework on desks
pencil & paper on desks
backpacks against back wall or
under desks
set out name taco
sit in assigned seats
you may quietly talk to colleagues

my contract with you
read in round robin fashion
take home and have parents sign
this is the homework due tomorrow
Active Learning Methods
Skill Practice
practice makes perfect
Olympic athletes
Skill Practice Folders
one student gets folders for team
one student collects bar graphs
students write names on folders
and bar graphs
Team Shareout
Students work individually.
when directed by me, teammates compare
Designated teammember writes problem, shows work & circles solution.
Susan and Thomas went to the store. Susan spent twice as much money on supplies as Thomas. If they spent $18 total, how much did each one spend?
skill practice
create folders
create bar graph
practice skill
turn in homework
Active Learning strategy
student white boards
team share-out
Skill Practice Protocol
Collect worksheet as you greet me.
Write name and date.
Do not start until directed to do so.
Set out homework to be graded.
Sit down -
no wandering around
the room.
Have a writing utensil.
Trade and Grade
Record on bar graph (fraction & percent)
Store in file cabinet
Today's Concept
1. Number Line
2. Skip Counting
3. Repeated Addition
factor x factor = product
4. Box Method
5. Array
Skill Practice
you have 5 minute to complete as many problems as possible
After 5 minutes, pencils down.
I will check your homework while you are working.
when time is up, trade and grade (red pens)
sign and hand back
record your score - both fraction and percentage
store back in file cabinet
Ticket out
today's problem is your ticket out
Make sure you have name, date, block# in upper right hand corner.
Teams will be dismissed when work is complete and team is sitting quietly.
6. Vertical method
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