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Marketing Plan (Samsung Electronics)

No description

Fairry Malik

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan (Samsung Electronics)

Marketing Plan (Samsung Electronics)
Water-Free Washing Machine

5.2 Market Organization
Several Layers of Management.
Vice President.. President.
Sales & marketing coordinator... director sale.
New employees hiring..
Contingency Plan
Price Reduction
Agressive Advertisement
Budget is already allocated in case of failure of advertisement
A combined Effort of

Syed Farjad Ali shah
Fahmida Kanwal
Ziaullah Khan
Syed musadiq Shah
Plan Of Agenda
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Situational Analysis
3.0 Marketing Objectives
4.0 Financials
5.0 Control

2.0 Situational Analysis
2.1 Market Summary
2.2 Market Demographics
2.3 Market Need
2.4 Market Trends
2.5 Market Growth
2.6 SWOT Analysis
2.7 Competitors
2.8 Product Offerings
2.9 Key to success
3.0 Marketing Objectives
3.1 Vision and Mission Statement
3.2 Marketing Objectives
3.3 Financial Objectives
3.4 STP Analysis
3.5 Marketing mix
3.6 Market Research

4.0 Financials
4.1 Break-even Analysis
4.2 Sales Forecast
4.3 Expense Forecast

5.0 Control
5.1 Implementation
5.2 Marketing Organization
5.3 Contingency Planning

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Situational Analysis:
2.1 Market Summary
Trade Export Company (1938)
TV, Cell Phones, Radios, Computer components and other electronics devices.(90s)
World's largest manufacturer of
Lcds (2002)
TV (2006)
smartphone manufacturers(now a days)

2.2 Market Demographics
2.2.1 Generation:
2.2.2 Income:
2.2.3 Gender:
2.2.4 Age:
2.2.5 Life Cycle:
2.2.6 Occupation:
2.2.7 Religion: Gender
The ratio between male and female is almost same.
As washing machine is a home appliance the female gender will be targeted more. Age Income Level
Rural people are migrating to urban centers for higher-paying jobs.
Upward social mobility
Avg Monthly household 2011-12 : Rs22,379
Rs. 25,679 in 2011-12
2.2.2 Demographic Segmentation
2.3 Market Need
Consumer in Pakistan focus more on price and less energy consumption
We are using same price as of other brands.
Strong advantage on the basis of less energy consumtion
It cuts the usage of water with 90%.
2.4 Market Trends
Percentage of possession of Wsahing machines:

Market Trends:
1. Washing Machine Market is expanding in Pakistan.
2. Consumer Spending is also increasing in Pakistan.
3. Households are spending more on goods and services
2.5 Market Growth
Population increases by 2.6%.
No. of households increasing at 2.8%.
Family structures changing.
Total housing demand: 570,000 per anum.
2.6 SWOT Analysis
 Successful market strategies
 Open for a new market.
 High technology
 Innovative product; new in the market
 Distinct product
 Environmentally conscientious
 Time
 Reasonable cost
 Good for climates where water is scarce
 Mobile unit
Facing hard competition
Vision, mission and strategic corporate objectives
 Most people already have washing machines
 Unfamiliar Technology:
 Un identical merits
 Entering Barriers
 Patents:
• Growth of Market
• Strong Demand for innovative products
• High percentage of young population
 Direct Competitors
 New technology
 Pollution
 Entry Barriers
2.7 Competitors:
2.7.1 Direct Competitors:
Indirect Competitors:
Color Safe Laundry
Bleach chemicals
Home dry cleaning
Detergents manufacturer
2.8 Product Offerings
• Home Appliances
• Led lightening
• Home Audio
• Mobile
• Computing
• Camera & Camcorder
• Accessories
2.8.1 Samsung Upcoming Products
1st smartphone with several innovative features
Multi-view TVs
Samsung Galaxy note 10.1
Folding Display Devices
Galaxy S5
2.9 Key to Success
• Product Quality
• Relative Product Cost
• Good People
• Innovativeness
• Advanced Technology
• Strategic Alliances
• Market Knowledge
• Flexibility
• Business Reputation
• Distribution Networks
• Information Systems
Capter 3
Marketing Objectives
3.1.1 Vision & Mission Statement
Vision Statement

“Inspire the world... Create the future”
Mission Statement
“To devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contributes to a better global society.”
3.2 Marketing Objectives
Making 60% awarness in market till mid of Jan 2014.
Encouraging Customers to switch from other brands
persuading target market that our Washing Machine is best and most advanced technology.
3.3 Financial Objectives
Increasing Profit margin by 5%
budget of 5 million allocated for R&D department.
2 million budget for further promotion.
3.4 STP Analyis
3.4.1 Segmentation
Psychographic Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation
3.3.2 Targeting
Middle Class
Upper Class
Female Customers
Upcoming Generations
People looking for dowry purchasing.
3.2.3 Positioning
Metropolitian Cities
Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad
All most populous areas.
Samsung offers LCDs, LEDs and Plasma televisions.
Internet T.V
Smart T.V
3D T.V

Mobile Phones:
Samsung mobile products includes:
Tablet smart phones
Smart phones,
Dual-sim phones,
Essential phones.


Cameras & Camcorders:
Smart Cameras.
Sports Cameras.

Computer & Peripherals:

Home Appliances:
Washing Machines.
Air Conditions.

Solid State Drive (SSD)
Memory chips.

The prices of samsung is reasonable so that the more price sensitive people can easily buy it.
competitive pricing strategy
Price skimming strategy for new and innovative products.
In-Going Pricing for more competitive markets

Price- Cost:
Samsung market its products globally.
Samsung placed their product on major online stores like
Amazon.com, Samsung.com.
Samsung operates through 550 dealerships in Pakistan.
Samsung had 18 state-level distribution offices.

Place- Convenience:

Celebrity Edorsement
Sales Publicity Events
Sales Promotion
Product of Plan
(Waterless Washing Machine)
Medium(a cup of Wate,A drop of detergent
Slick Look
Front Load
Similar look ansd size of conventional machine.
Pricing of Planned Product
Samsung Waterless Washing Machine
In-going Pricing will be used.
78,000/- Only
Placing of Samsung Waterless Washing Machine
Both direct and RETAILER CHANNEL.
Commercial enterprises first i.e hotels, dry cleaners.
Release before next Ramadan (wedding seas)
Promotion of Waterless Washing MaChine
Television Spots & Strong Internet Presence
only one style of add
add must be to get attention and interest of customers
Occassions associative adds
Placing Of Waterless Washing Machine
Direct and retailer Channel
Firstly to commercial enterprises i.e Hotels & Dry cleaners
Time of Release: Start of 2014
3.6 Market Research
Questionare Survey
Gender: 25% Male, 75% Female
Age of Respondents: 15-24 years(95%), 25-55 years (5%)
Occupation of respondents: Students
Monthly Expenditure: 10,000-20,000(5%), 20,000-40,000(50%), 40,000-60,000(35%), over 60,000 (10%)
Do you have any of the following manufactured by Samsung?
Having: 70%
Not having: 30%
Are you satisfied with the Samsung product which you are using?
Out of 14 respondetns, 13 are satisfied.
Which Washing Machine you are using?
a- Waves 5%
b- Haier 25%
c- Super Asia 55%
d- others 15%
8. How long you are using the current washing machine?
Less than 2 years 5%
2-4 years 65%
4-6 years 10%
More than 6 years 20%
9. The washer you want to have in the future
Waves 5%
Haier 35%
Super Asia 15%
Samsung 35%
Others 10%
The capacity of washer you want?
a- Less than 6 suits 20%
b- 6-7 45%
c- 7-8 10%
d- More than 8 15%
e- Whatever 10%
11. The price level of washing machine which you can accept?
Under 20,000 15%
20,000-30,000 25%
30,000-50,000 20%
50,000-80,000 0%
You prefer the quality and innovation in the product 40%
12. Where do you usually get to know the information when you are going to buy the laundry products?
Post advertisement and brochures from the relevant shop 15%
Internet 5%
TV or Radio 10%
Newspaper 5%
Magazine 0%
Friends or Family Suggestions 35%
Go directly to the shop and call the shop for information 30%
13. Which factor is important to you, while you choose a washing machine?
Durability 55%
Price 5%
Lower energy and water consumption 5%
Brand 35%
14. If you have had a washing machine at home, how long do you think would you buy a new one?
Less than 3 years 10%
3-7 years 45%
7-15 years 10%
As long as possible 35%

Have you facing with a scarcity of water?
Having: 10%
Not Having: 90%
Market Research Findings:
First-Mover Advantage
Maximum awareness of technology required.
Chapter 4
4.1 Breakeven Analysis:
Breakeven Point= Fixed Cost/(Price-Variable Cost)
Fixed Cost= 450,000
Variable Cost= 15,000
Price: 78,000
Breakeven point: 450,000/(78,000-33,000)= 10 units

4.2: Sales Forecast:

For previous 3 years:
Forecasted For next 3 years
Forecasted Expense
Expense of previous 3 years
Forecasted Expense of next 3 years
Chapter 5 "Control"
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