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Tom Jesudason

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Research

So what big changes will this make to gaming?
The Steam Box is designed to use the Steam OS. It is Valve's very own console and there are currently 300 being tested by steam users around the world, To get chosen for this people had to have good skills with linux programing, as that is the only way to work the console at the moment.
What is Steam OS?
Steam OS
When was steam OS released?
The Steam OS is a new steam operating system. The Steam OS was made to appeal to those who want to hook up their PCs to their living room TVs. Hopefully Steam OS will show console gamers a new system to play on.
Steam OS was released on the sixteenth of December 2013, however they said that it was not ready for commercial use and was simply released for testing purposing. They said the finished version could still be 1-2 years away.
The Steam Box
Steam OS will change gaming on steam, and possibly to other consoles. Consoles will soon get less popular, as the power of PCs increases. Steam OS will start to attract console gamers and hopefully give the same feel any console would.
By Tom Jesudason + Aden Eley
Since it's really the only console
slash gaming PC out there, there
is nothing to beat it. Therefore
it is currently the strongest in
the market.
Since the steam box is new,
not many people have decided
they would like to switch from
either their PC or Console, so it
may have a hard time getting
people to buy it as they are
more comfortable with their current

The steam box offers a new and
innovative way for people to play in
the living room, it is the first to offer
a way for a console and PC to be in
one and will bridge the gap between the two communities
What are the the threats to Steam OS
There are a few threats to Steam OS including the XBOX One, PS4 and normal gaming PCs. Steam OS is mainly for the PC community, and XBOX One and PS4 are said to not see Steam OS as a threat. Steam OS has little contenders, but many will still turn to the normal gaming PCs and consoles as they're much cheaper than Steam OS.
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