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Experiences in English

No description

Katherine Evans

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Experiences in English

Double click anywhere & add an idea Katie Descriptive Essay Narrative Essay Definition Essay Cause/Effect Essay Compare/Contrast Essay This I Believe Essay Wrapping up the class I am a huge baseball fan.
My favorite team would be
the Chicago Cubs. Even though
a lot of people give me crap
for it. I am born and raised
in DeKalb. Almost my
entire family is still
living here in DeKalb.
I am extremely close to
my family, so I do not
plan on moving very far
away from my family. I love music and movies.
I am a country girl, I can
not get enough of country music.
I can also listen to pretty much
anything. I love watching movies
mostly movies that make me laugh.
I am a huge fan of horror movies.
There is not a day that goes by
that I do not listen to music. If
I do not have my music then I will
more than likely be cranky the rest
of the day. My descrpitive essay
was on my grandparents
backyard. I choose the
topic because I love their
back yard and I can remember
everything about their yard
perfectly. My grandparents
mean a lot to me so writing
about their yard just makes me
happy. some challenges I
had with this paper
was trying to find ways
to describe things in
their yard. I had some
trouble making sure things
went together rather than
just jumping all over the place and the whole paper
being confusing. I think i did well
on describing the yard.
When I read it to myself
I felt that i could picture
the entire yard from just
reading what I had wrote. I
could have done better with some
of the transitions. Such as switching
from day morning to afternoon to night.
I really enjoyed this
paper because it reminded
me so much of my grandparents
who do mean alot to me. Since this
paper was our first paper of the class
it made me like writing a little more than
before because I was able to write about something close to me. This paper I wrote
about my camping experiences
with my best friend Jessica.I
wrote about all the fun we had
and the painful fun we had.
I chose this topic
because it was still
fresh in my mind and because
I see the scars from it every
day. It was also something that
made me laugh everytime I thought
about it. It was a fun topic to write
about that is why I chose this topic. Some challenges I had
with this paper were probably
the same as my first. Learning
how to make proper transitions
and making sure everything went
together and made sense.I think I did
a good job on describing things and making
it a good story. I could have done better
on developing my paragraphs better and better
topic sentences. I enjoyed writing this
paper because I had a good
time when it actually happened
and it made me laugh while writing
it and reading it to my friend Jessica.
This paper I wrote about
responsibilities. I wrote
what I thought they were and
what kind of different
responsibilities people had. I chose this topic because
it was something I felt that
I could relate to. When I first
started college I kind of slacked
off and did not care about going
to class. Then I realized all the
responsibilities that I would eventually
have. Some challenges that I
had during this paper was
finding different ways to
use the word responsibilities.
I found myself using the word
way to many times. I feel that I
did well describing what kind of
different responsibilities people
had depending on their job. I wish
I would have done better on describing
more responsibilities and why I think
that they were so important. I enjoyed writing this
paper because it made me
realize also what kind of things
that I am going to need to work on
in the future. Such as my school work,
my job and being a parent in the future.
It opened my eyes to alot of things about
my future. For this paper I wrote about
sleep deprivation. I decided to
do the causes of sleep deprivation
only because it could give people
some insight to what kind of things
can hurt your body. I struggled a little bit
with this paper just because
I was not sure where I should
even start with the paper. I think
I did pretty good on giving information
about the main topic of the paper. I
think I could have done better on making
the switch from paragraph to paragraph. I honestly did not
really like writingthis
paper at all. It was not
one of my favorites. While
writing most of my papers I
got really into them. However,
with this paper I was not able to
really get excited about this one. This one I decided to
write about celebrities vs.
parents on how they each have
a different influence on teenagers
around them or even ones that look
up to them and want to be like them. I chose this topic
because I have younger
sisters that I hear talk
about how they want to look
like certain celebrities because
of certain things. I did have some
problems with again transitions. It
seemed to be my biggest problem with
all my papers. I do think I did good
on decribing why some
teenagers really look
up to certain people. I
think that with how I described
how much kids really look up to
their parents and how much parents
really do mean to their kids. I actually really
liked this paper
because I was able to
write about how I felt
about how celebrities act
and how it seems that they
do not care about anyone else
but themselves. I got into this
paper even though it may not have
been my best paper. This paper was all about
everything happens for a
reason. It was something I
felt I needed to write about
because it was about something
I truely believe in. I honestly do not think I
had any problems writing this
paper. I feel that I described
everything very well and gave plenty
of details. I could have said more about
why I think everything happens for a reason. I really enjoyed writing this
paper even though it did make me
cry while I was writing it, but it
made me realize how important my
stepdad is to me. Also how I will
never be able to thank him enough or
even tell him how much I love him for
stepping up when he did not have to. Some things I wish I had known before
coming into this class was probably how
develop my papers a lot better. Also how
to describe things better without repeating
the word or myself over and over again.
My biggest problem with writing
is mostly getting started and then
transitions from paragraph to paragraph.
I wish I would have known my grammer better.
Advice I would give to
other people wanting to
take this class would be
take your time when writing and
read it out loud to yourself a couple
times and even to other people to have
them help you with your paper.
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