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The Colomber

No description

Hailey Hester

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The Colomber

The Colomber By, Hailey Hester, Morgan Seibert,
Devin Tucker, Deshaun Dickey, Mariah Fisher INTERNAL CONFLICT
- The Internal conflict was the Colomber following him and he thought it was
going to kill him so he was frightened and scared for years. EXTERNAL CONFLICT
-His father told him not to go back
to the sea so he didn't under his fathers wishes. Resolution- When the Colomber said that
he had no intention to kill him, And he just wanted to give him a pearl. Exposition- Stefano wanted
to be a sea captain but couldn't
because the Colomber was following him. Rising Action- He had to go back to
shore because his father didn't want
the Colomber to kill him. Falling Action- When Stefano talked to the Colomber and found out the Colomber didn't want to kill him. Climax- After Stefano's father died from illness he decided to go back to the sea even though the Colomber was still following him Protagonist: Stefano Antagonist: The Colomber Theme: One shouldn't believe everything they hear. Setting: Coastal Italy Conflicts:
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Self Literary Devices:
Irony What the story is about is how Stefano and his dad where on a boat and Stefano saw a Colomber.He told his father and they had to take Stefano back to shore so that the Colomber not devour Stefano. Well once Stefano got back onto land the Colomber waited and waited for him to get back on a boat into thte water. Stefano when he got old decided he was going to give what the Colomber wanted and it was him so Stefano goes back out in the ocean well the Colomber told him he did not want to devore him he wanted to give him pearl that ment power,luck,love, and peace. It was to late now since Stefano was old and was going to die. Later a fisherman saw a boat where Stefano died with that pearl. The Colomber: Point Of View:
The point of view of the story
would have to be curious and sad.
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