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Geo Monkey beach

No description

Danial Tan

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Geo Monkey beach

Day 3:
Monkey Beach Hypothesis "There is more erosion closer to human settlements than further away." Method List of Equipment 1.Ranging poles
2.Meter ruler
3.Litmus paper
4.Measuring tape
5.Clinometer Analysis •Less erosion on USM beach
•More people on Monkey beach-- More erosion
•less steep on USM
•Very steep on Monkey beach Conclusion •Hypothesis was right
•More erosion on Monkey beach then in USM
•Caused by human activity Hypothesis 2 The steeper the footpath, the more erosion in the parts of the trail 1. At USM and Monkey beach, do the following across and along the beach.
2. Set up the first pole down by the sea, looking up to the land where the other pole should be.
3. Measure the distance (in metres) from one pole to the other using a measuring tape.
4. Measure the angle (and note if the land is rising or falling) using a clinometer
.5. Continue this across the beach away from the sea and once done, repeat several times in different areas along the beach. List of equipment 1.Ranging poles
2.Meter ruler
3.Litmus paper
4.Measuring tape
5.Clinometer Analysis •Most of the erosion was cause by people
•The path are clearly lower than the path beside it Conclusion •Yes, the more the steepness of the soil, the more the erosion of the soil.
•It was caused by people walking over
•Most of the tree’s root are expose because of the looseness of the soil
Hypothesis 3 There is more litter at the high tide line mark brought in by the sea then left by tourist on beach List of equipment 1.Ranging poles
2.Meter ruler
3.Litmus paper
4.Measuring tape
5.Clinometer Analysis •Measured 3m by 7m on the beach
•Then counted on the how much litter was in the water
•Then we compared between the two results to find the difference Conclusion
•Our hypothesis was wrong
•Most of the litter came from human activity
•The swash was not strong enough to push it onto the beach Hypothesis 4 Is human activity sustainable
on Monkey Beach? Method Ask questions to stall-holders & boat drivers
List of Equipment 1. Questionnaire ! Analysis •People mostly go for relaxation
•They help the environment by cleaning after themselves
•Mostly is the local people clean up after some of the tourist
Conclusion •Still got a lot of litter around the beach.
•Once a year people come to clean the beach at monkey beach
•Not sustainable
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