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Assignment 2.2.5 HBS

No description

John Tran

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Assignment 2.2.5 HBS

Assignment 2.2.5 HBS
Patient #1

John Tran
Diana Alvarez
Lorena Valenzuela
Ana Davila
Per. 3rd Patient #1's Summary: Helen, a 28-year-old woman, has noticed strange “pins and needles” feelings in her feet and hands. She has been very tired lately and she says that when she goes to the gym “she just feels weak.” She says that her inability to exercise has been making her feel depressed. Her vision seems to be getting worse and she’s made an appointment with her ophthalmologist for later in the week. Most recently, she has experienced moments of unsteadiness when she walks. She was a gymnast in high school; she has never had a problem with balance before. She has noticed that her symptoms seem to come and go. She experiences periods of fatigue and balance problems, but the majority of the time she feels just fine. From the symptoms, we were able to locate the following areas of the Brain that were affected:
- Cerebellum
- Occipital Lobe
- Parietal Lobe
- Amygdala To be more specific of how the myelin sheath breaks down... While talking about Doctors, the medical professionals that could assist this patient would be Like in the video, We'll be performing two tests: A Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap) and a MRI scan of the brain. *Credits:
Doctors - Diana and John
Patient - Ana
Camera - Lorena

Thank you Mr. Hinkley for letting us invade your room and personal belongings ;)
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