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Post-war Territorial Changes and Political Repercussions

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Victoria Grisdale

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Post-war Territorial Changes and Political Repercussions

Post-war Territorial Changes and Political Repercussions Europe 1939 Europe 1948 Yalta Conference Yalta Conference Long Term Results Yalta Conference Germany after the Yalta Conference After WWII and the Yalta and Potsdam
Conferences Stalin s View... Who: FDR (U.S.), Churchill (G.B.), Stalin (Soviet Union)

When: February 4th-February 11th, 1945

Where: Crimea Main Goals U.S. - Soviet Support in the Pacific Theater G.B. - to maintain their empire Soviet Union - to extend their empire "For the Russian people, the question of Poland is not only a question of honor but also a question of security. Throughout history, Poland has been the corridor through which the enemy has passed into Russia. Poland is a question of life and death for Russia." Stalin felt the U.S.S.R. needed to occupy part of Poland in order to protect itself. Berlin was also split Outcomes Germany is split into 4 occupation zones

Germany would undergo demilitarization

Reorganization of the Provisional Polish Government (pledged free elections)

Polish eastern border will follow Curzon Line

Set up commission to look into reparations

Stalin promises to join the war in the pacific (within 90 days) in exchange for occupation zones in North Korea and Manchuria. Polish Provisional Government September 1st 1939 - 1940 - April 1943 - Germans invaded Poland. General Sikorski became leader of polish government. Soviets then invaded from the Western border. Katyn Forest Massacre Stalin broke off Polish-Soviet diplomatic relations The Potsdam Conference The Splitting of Berlin... Soviet Union was upset with the U.S., G.B., and France attempting to install a common currency within the three Western Sectors.

This was a main source of tension during the Cold War (1945-1991)

i.e. June 24, 1948 - Berlin Blockade The Splitting of Germany... Germany surrenders May 8th, 1945

Within the Soviet portion-Communism

Within the other three sectors-Western ideals of political rule (Democratic)

The 4 countries were to help rebuild Germany politically -however,this was not successful. Bibliography http://library.thinkquest.org/10826/timeline.htm





http://www.johndclare.net/cold_war4.htm Tension - Western Democracy vs. Communism

Spread of Communism- Formation of the Iron Curtain (1948)

Onset of the Cold War - Truman Doctrine (3/12/1947)

Berlin Blockade - Soviets would not allow materials to be sent from U.S., G.B., and France, to the non-Soviet zones in Berlin. Who: Truman (U.S.), Stalin (Soviet Union), and Churchill (G.B.)

When: July 16th- August 2nd, 1945

Where: Potsdam, Germany Main Goals... Due to the shift in border, hundreds of Germans located in that western German territory were deported.

Confusion arise on who are considered citizens. Effect of Territory shift... Finalize the conditions for post WWII Peace

Re-establish relationships between the world powers which had worsened after Yalta Political Cartoon by Paul Plaschke that was published in the Chicago Tribune in the U.S. Main Themes... **Communism symbol apparent on Stalins sleeve. The Soviet Union is becoming a danger

Churchill and Roosevelt gave too much away at Yalta Conference Outcomes The 4 Zones were to be set up

Nazi party, government, and laws were to be destroyed

Nazi war-criminals were to be brought to trial

Recognize Polish Provisional Government

Russia could take reparations from the Soviet Zone (Non-Communist)
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