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Hollywood Culture in the 1920s

No description

Ellie Joll

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Hollywood Culture in the 1920s

Famous Hollywood Stars of the 1920's
Gary Cooper
Hollywood Culture in the 1920's
Made By: Ellie Joll, Shelby Kucharyski, and Sarah Moats
Hollywood Culture in the 1920s
Born in Helena, Montana on May 7th, 1901- died in 1961
Grew up on a Ranch and moved to Los Angeles later with his family.
Real name was originally Frank until his agent made him change his name to her hometown
Famous Movies in the 1920's:
"The Winning of Barbara Worth"- 1926
"Children of Divorce"-1927
"The Virginian"-1929
Famous Hollywood Stars of the 1920's
Charlie Chaplin
Born in London, England on April 16, 1889- died in 1977.
Rough childhood- led him to an orphanage
Acting/staging career bloomed at the age of 7
Also a director
Famous Movies in the 1920's:
Big break in 1914- "Kid Auto Races at Venice"
"The Kid"-1920
"The Gold Rush"-1920
Youth became eager to change morals based on media.
Changed ideas of authority.
Youth became rebellious against parents and authority.
Wanted more freedom and romance.
Impact on Culture cont.
Famous Hollywood Stars in the 1920's
Hollywood's Impact on American Culture in the 1920's
3 Important Hollywood Films in the 1920's
Interesting Facts of Hollywood

Busby Berkeley
Movies glamorized modern world.
Women felt more free to act in provocative ways.
Stereotypes became more common.
Born in Los Angeles, California on November 29th, 1895- died in 1976
Hollywood movie director and musical choreographer
Married 6 times & was survived by one (car accident)
Impact on Culture cont.
Famous Movies in the 1920's:
"A Connecticut Yankee"1927
Director in the 1930's
Influence on fashion began in the roaring twenties.
Bobbed hair, sailor pants, pleated skirts, etc.
Platinum blonde hair.
Women began wearing pants.
Men began wearing white undershirts.
Famous Hollywood Stars of the 1920's
Famous Hollywood Stars of the 1920's
Interesting Facts
City of theater moved from New York to Hollywood in the 1920s.
From 1922-1930, the number of movie goers went from 40% to 90%.
People were judged based on their accomplishment instead of social standings.
The famous Hollywood sign was originally "Hollywoodland" until 1949
Hollywood's popularity was first spread through scandals (William Taylor, Wallace Reid, Mary Pickford)
Clara Gordon Bow
Born in Brooklyn, New York on July 19th, 1905- died in 1965
First competed at an acting contest which led to her success
Rose to stardom in silent films
Known as "It Girl"- Provocative
Retired in 1931
Famous Movies in the 1920's:
46 silent films altogether
Famous Hollywood Stars in the 1920's
Greta Garbo
Real name was Greta Lovisa Gustafson
Born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 18th, 1905- died in 1990
Worked in a department store and advertised on TV for it- led to her first role, "Peter the Tramp" in 1922
First american film- "The Torrent" 1926
Worked with MGM for 3 years, was 14% of their profit just from 2
Famous Movies in the 1920's:
"Flesh and the Devil"-1927
"A Woman of Affairs"-1928
Impact on Culture
The Kid - 1921
Woman leaves her baby in a limo with a note
A window repair man finds him 5 years later
Coogan becomes sick and went to the doctor
The authorities come and took Coogan away but the man fights to get him back
The man, police officer, and the little boy take the little boy to him real moms house
Related to Charlie Chaplin's childhood
Gold Rush - 1925
The Lone Prospector is looking for gold in Alaska
He meets Big Jim and they become friends
Went to a new town and falls in love with Georgia at first sight
Prospector leaves with Jim to become millionaires
A year later he falls into Georgia's arms and they go back to the United States
Jazz Singer - 1927
Mr. Rabinowitz dreamed of his son carrying on the family tradition of working in the synagogue
Jakie runs away from home
Changes his name to Jack Robin and gets his first lead in April Follies
Goes back home to see his family but father refuses
Two weeks later he father becomes very ill the day before his first big performance
Jack has to decide between going to see his father and performing
Mary comes to see jack and says he's " Jazz singer singing to his God."
Jazz music and singing was very popular in the 1920's
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