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No description

Melissa Lee-Brundridge

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome!

Northwest Middle School
Destination Learning

1. Punctual
A Pep Talk
Kid President
This year.......
What are your dreams?
We're going to create goals to help
you reach your dreams!

We're going to make a plan
to reach those goals!
2. Prepared and Engaged
3. Respectful and Postive
Don't earn strikes!
Strike 1: Warning
Strike 2: Lunch Detention
Strike 3: No Reward Time on Friday
If your behavior continues in a negative way,
you will move to the next level. This means
you have lost your 9 week reward and possible
field trips opportunities.
1. Warning/Loss of 9 week Reward
2. Student/Teacher Contact
3. LD/Parent Contact
4, ASD/ Parent Contact
5. Referral
We have great
expectations of you. We are here to help you to make
good choices to prepare for your future.
What does being punctual look like?
In the Classroom:
Arrive on time

Meet deadlines

Be on task immediately

In the HallWay
Keep moving and stay to the right

Walk directly to destination

In the Restroom
Exit promptly

Return to class quickly

In the Cafeteria
Have your money ready

Form a single line

Move through the line quickly

What does
being prepared
and engaged look like?
Prepared and Engaged
Bring materials

Complete homework and classwork

Take pride in your work

Actively participate in class
In the Classroom
In the Hallway
Use locker at appropriate time

Keep your agenda/pass with you when required

Pick up trash and keep hallway clean

Greet classmates and adults appropriately

Prepared & Engaged
In the Cafeteria
Have ID ready

Make your selection before you arrive at server

Go through line once for all items

Remain with class in assigned area

Eat a well-balanced meal
Prepared & Engaged
In the Restroom
Keep hall pass with you

Use good hygiene

Prepared & Engaged
In the Classroom
Accept responsibility for your actions

Accept others and their opinions

Use kind words and actions with others

Care for classroom materials and the property of others

Positive & Respectful
In the Hallway
Follow directions from all staff

Be proud to be here

Use quiet voices

Use appropriate language

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Be polite: say “Excuse me”
Respectful & Positive
In the Restroom
Flush toilet

Keep restroom clean

Be private and allow others privacy

Notify staff member of problems

Respectful & Positive
In the Cafeteria
Use good table manners

Be polite to and follow directions of all staff

Use quiet voices

Leave cafeteria clean

Use food, tray, and utensils appropriately

Respectful & Positive
Keep hall pass with you

Use good hygiene

Prepared and Engaged
Respectful and Positive
We're excited and we expect great gains this year!
We're going to show how much we grow!
Create something
that makes
the world awesome!
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