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Second Semester

No description

Shannon Judah

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Second Semester

Second Semester
Thursday January 5th, 2017
1. News Years Resolutions and Goals Circle Map (10 goals)
2. Choose your top three goals.
3. Write a paragraph for each goal explaining how you will reach the goal with specific ideas about how you will achieve this goal.
4. 5-7 sentences in each paragraph.

Friday January 6th, 2017
Prime Time:
1. In groups of four, please choose a book from the classroom library to read.
2. You will read silently for 1 hour.
3. You will write about the book you chose to read.
Monday January 9, 2016
Prime Time:
1. Free Reading choice for 45 minutes
2. Create a Thinking Map to help you describe the text from your Free Reading Choice.
3. Read an excerpt to your peers about the text you read.
4. Explain whether or not the text was interesting to you or not and give me two reasons why or why not.
5. Pair/Share and Class Share
1. Listen, Read, and Take Notes on MLK Jr. "I have a Dream Speech"
2. Students were instructed to record their thoughts on the speech as we pause for comprehension and reread.
3. Students will keep their notes.
4. Exit Ticket- Write down a quote from the speech, on a Post- it, and explain what the quote means.
5. Place the Post-It note on the White Board as you leave the classroom.

Student Activities:
Tuesday January 10, 2016
Prime Time:
1. Get into groups of 2-4 people.
2. Get one laptop and i pad per group.
3. Create a circle map map about the Emancipation Proclamation. answering the following questions:
What? When? Where? How? When? Why?
4. Find textual evidence that refers to the Emancipation Proclamation in MLK Jr.'s " I have a Dream" speech.
5. Why does MLK Jr. mention "Five Score" and refer to the "Emancipation Proclamation" in his speech?
Student Activities:
1. Preview the questions given for the video, "The Children's March," and formulate a plan on how you will record notes during the video.
2. Watch the video.
3. In groups of two, answer the questions for the film.
4. Share with another group, and then come together to answer the questions as a class.
5. Create two additional questions that relate to the topic of civil rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a Dream Speech"
While the World Watched
1. What was Birmingham’s nickname and why?
2. Have you ever seen a white tank anywhere before?
What might a white tank symbolize to white people?
What might it symbolize to black people?
3. The film states, “Under Bull Connor, Birmingham
was the closest thing in America to a police state.”
What is a police state?
4. Why couldn’t the parents or adults protest? What
would happen to them if they did protest?
5. What does it mean to “meet violence with nonviolence”?
What would it look like?
6. Dr. King said in a strategy session that “the only
way we’re going to break Birmingham is to fill the
jails.” What do you think a strategy session is? Why is
it important?
7. Why do you think that Dr. King said “no,” at first, to
kids going to jail?
8. Shelley “The Playboy” told the kids that “there’s going
to be a party in the park today.” What did he mean?
9. What did the children’s teacher, Mrs. Goree, do to
help them go to the march?
10. Kelly Ingram Park was the big green buffer be- tween black Birmingham and the white downtown. Do buffers exist between groups in your community?
11. Gwen Webb says, “A lot of people thought the kids were going to get hurt, but the reality was that we were born black in Alabama and we were going to get hurt if we didn’t do something.” What did she mean by this?
12. The children left the church in “waves of 50.” How is that a strategy? What do you think it accomplished?
13. The police thought the kids would be frightened to be arrested. Instead, they were happy and sing- ing. Why do you think the kids were full of joy to be arrested?
14. Why were the kids told to say that they were 15 years old when they were arrested? Did it work?
15. How many men did it take to hold the fire hoses steady?
16. There were 10 kids still standing after everyone else had been knocked down or dispersed by the fire hoses. What were they singing?
17. What did President Kennedy think of the photo- graphs he saw of children being hosed on the second day of the march?
18. What were the conditions in the jails? Were they clean? What did the children get to eat? How long were they kept in jail?
19. What did the kids do in jail?
20. How old was the youngest child who got arrested and put in jail?
21. Dr. King told the parents, “Don’t worry about your children. They are going to be all right. Don’t hold them back if they want to go to jail for they are doing a job for all of America and for all mankind.” What job were they doing?
22. The white detective said that in the end there “was no way to hold a lid on this because the fear was gone.” What is significant about people losing fear?
23. On May 10th Dr. King said that “we have come today to the climax of the long struggle for justice and human dignity.” Had they?
24. On June 11th President Kennedy said “This is the end of segregation.” Was it?

January 2017
MLK Jr.'s
"I have a dream" Speech 1963
Quotes and Notes
MLK's Dream
"In the process of gaining our
rightful place we must not be
guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us
not seek to satisfy our thirst for
freedom by drinking from the cup
of bitterness and hatred" (King Jr. ,
King is saying that in order
to gain justice you should not
engage in violence and hold grudges,
but be peaceful and never hurt someone
".... America has given the
(African American) people a bad
check, a check in which has come back
being marked "insufficient funds". But we
refuse to believe that the bank of justice
is bankrupt" (King Jr. , 1963)
"There will be neither rest nor
tranquility in America until the
(African American) i granted his
citizenship rights" (King Jr. ,1963)
By: Nicholas R.
Station 2
January 12-13th

January 19, 2017
Prime Time:
1. Finish checking questions 1-24 from The Children's March Video
2. Study the questions and answers with a partner and expect an Essay quiz worth 10 points tomorrow.

1. Write your thoughts on the following topic:

a) Did Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream come true?
b) Provide three reasons that support your claim.
c) Explain why your reasons support your opinion or claim.
d) Write 14 sentences on the topic.
e) Make sure you use sentence variety. Limit the simple sentences to 5. The rest of your sentences should be Compound, Complex, or Compound-Complex.
Home Work

1. Study the questions from The Children's March
2. Be prepared for an Essay Quiz, worth 15 points, tomorrow on the content from the questions and the video.
3. Complete one reading plus lesson.


Reminder: No Late Work Policy

Classwork should be turned in at the end of class.
Tuesday January 24, 2017
Prime Time:
Station Work Activities Introduced
Station 2- Whole Class Instruction for Reading Plus
Writing an Argument: Reading and Creating Notes from informational text
One Station Rotation
Examples of Argumentative Essays:
Outlines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19zJBPPfUu1kb-7EyHWxmyMbI3sIUU7eVHtCK_0YLnks/edit
THESIS STATEMENT: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/01/

Did Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream come true? YES or NO Choose one or the other.

No... Why?
1. voluntary segregation continues in schools
2. racism continues to occur in the community
Yes... Why?
1. integration of schools and equal education
2. and community settings is for all people regardless of color, religion, or gender
Thesis Statement= Claim + 3 reasons supporting your claim

Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" Speech was an important part of American history that signified an enormous social change in our society, facing the problem of racism and inequality that plagued our society for many years. The modern day question is: Did Dr. King's dream become a reality today?

2. "Your thesis statement should be specific—it should cover only what you will discuss in your paper and should be supported with specific evidence" (Owl Purdue).

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream (has or has not) come true because ___________________, ________________________, ___________________.
Classes searched for a current event to help support their claim for an argumentative essay.

Articles Listed below:

Joey and Caitlyn
Two groups are fighting for more rights under a corrupt government and that is very similar to The Civil Right's Movement

Caroline and Samarah:
Shows the rise in integration of schools in America after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Brown vs Board of Education 1954-

Facts: " the United States has seen significant progress toward the ideal of racial equality"


Monday January 30, 2017
Students will be typing their CMA 4 writing prompt It is a timed time that takes approximately 90 minutes.

FORMAL TONE: http://www2.ivcc.edu/rambo/tip_formal_writing_voice.htm
Tuesday January 31, 2017
Prime Time-
1. Lecture regarding work ethic and student grades
2. Station directions
Student Activities:
Station 1: Type your Argumentative Essay on the following topic:
Did Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream come true or not?
DUE Wednesday Feb. 8, 2017

Weekly Requirement Reading Plus- 4 reading Lessons & 4 Vocabulary Lessons should be completed each week DUE EVERY SUNDAY BY 6pm
Station 2: Today-Complete 2 reading lessons at 80% or above, then work on 2 additional vocabulary lessons.

Station 3:
1. Read from our Wonders Literature Anthology textbook:
Years of Dust: The Story of the Dust Bowl pgs. 256-273
a) Respond to Reading pg 273- complete all the questions in the following sections: Summarize, Text Evidence, and Making Connections

Write in complete thoughts and always restate the question in your answer.
Jan. 31, 2017
Dear Students and Parents,
I have adjusted the weighted points regarding Reading Plus assignments for the following assignments from 1/13 and 1/20.

1/13 & 1/20 Reading Plus Best Lesson= 5 points
1/13 & 1/20 Reading Plus Weekly Average= 10 points

The Reading Plus grades from last week 1/23/2017- 1/29/2017 were not exemplary overall, so I will only be recording passing scores from students who completed four reading assignments and four vocabulary assignments with 70% or above.

Study Hall will be offered after school Tues and Thursday of this week from 3:35-4:35. Study Hall is also available every morning during homeroom.

From this day forward, weighted points regarding Reading plus will be the original 15 points for the weekly average and 10 points for vocabulary lessons.

Any additional zeros will be addressed during student conferences this week.

Please ensure students have checked their Power School grades on a weekly basis.
Thank you,
Ms. Judah
Station work continued from earlier in the week.
Wednesday February 1, 2017
Student Collaborative Thinking Maps
Kayla, Bella,Dylan
Skyler and Jack
adah and ariyanna
:)Henry And the Jon :)
Trumps Wall
Martin Luther
King Jr
He made a stand
againest segergation
Racism was very bad back then and wacepted in to socity
segergation was the social norm, but MLK did NOT agree with this.
Making Amrica
a better a better place
Current Events
Playing a big role in how America was, is, and will be
Their opposing ideas
Martin Luther
King Jr
he did not intentionally mean to talk about his dream
No Segregation
Both have/had ideas that did, and could change America
racism is a bigger problem than it was before because trump is blocking people fronm the u.s
20 feet tall
5 feet deep
8 Inches thick
49 pecent of peole are racist, because they think gender and color are unlike
Racism was really bad back when MLK was alive
Keepinmexico out
cost (someone tens of billons of dollers
Martin Luther
King Jr
Involves Native Americans
cost (someone tens of billons of dollers
they both were protesting
MLK Jr. Dream Speech
about mlk
wanted equal rights for every one even whites
Mckenna and Josh
he protested for equal rights for all african americans
The way Trump speaks
MLK was a black himself and thought segrgation was wrong
Trying to separate us and be racist
North Dakota Access Pipeline
Trying to make a world war 3
Sioux Tribe
Trump wall
The North Dakota
The orignal
Both use media to promote their ideas of a "better" America, however their ideas are completely different.
Preserve Sacred
Missle on seria
It talks about freedom and equality
Culture and
since mlk jrs speech things have changed from segration to racism
it took place in Washington D.C
womens march
Thesis Statement : Martin Luther King Jr's dream did not come true because people are still acting in acts of violence..
They both have to do with being racist
Thesis Statement:
Martin Luther King Jr. Dream
did not come true because there
is still Cultural and Racial Segregation

Martin Luther King Jr`s dream did not come true because pepole are still very racist today
the both of them want equal rights for all
donald trump's wall for Mexico
Was at the Lincoln memorial
theisis stament: mlk dream didnt come true because people are still segreated today in schools, and etc
want to make amirica greater
thesis statement:

Madison and Audri : yes, MLK jr.s dream did come true because the gov. does not seperate us like they used to.

Mack and Mariale : no, MLK jr.s dream did not come true because racism still exists today.
Has a big affect on the country
MLK'S dream did not come true because there is still racism in society today.
The event traveled through the news and media
In North Dakota
they both wanted to help people and america!
seperate but equal was the social norm during the civil righ movement
The way he talks about blacks and whites
The way he tries to scares the blacks
Joey and Caitlyn (2010)

Riley and Olivia
Mariah and Harris
MLK's Dream
and Racism)
Pit Bull
Attack in
Segregation and
dog fighting are
illegal and they
are mistreated
Very Little
and attacks continue
An act for equality
Baton Rouge shooting
Past MLK's Dream
Humans can speak
for themselves
Ruby, Caroline, and Samarah
Racism still exist
Dogs cant speak for themselves
Humans Vs.
Callie and Kyla
Humans Vs.
Protest for equality
The blacks of Alabama fought for freedom
No more in
MOST places
Mlk's I Have a
Dream Speech
Still Happens
The racial out
burst after the
Conrad, Hannah, and Nicholas
Met violence with
non -violence
Both are acts
of abuse
People unconsciously or willingly segregate themselves
Had a dream
that there wou-
ld be no racism
or segregation
A man of the same color shot and killed 3 police officers
Racism still exists
Fighting again racism
Fighting to win civil rights
People want to kill trump
Whites openly attacked blacks without being discriminated by others even if their actions were illegal
Gay rights flag was burned
Equality was not
accepted in this time
African Americans couldn't get good jobs
Hate toward trump
Elizalde, Elizabeth. "Pit bull attack kills one child, injures two in Atlanta." NY Daily News. N.p., 17 Jan. 2017. Web. 02 Feb. 2017.
Represented all black people that were mistreated by cops
Caucasians were often
accused of being racist
more than African Americans
Some people think that segregation is still as bad as it was in 1968.
very special and important in history
Segregation was legal and socially accepted
America is a middle class country and all students should have the ability to go to an integrated school.
Desegregation in schools
Martin Luther King's Dream Speech
MLK's dream did come
true because people
don't think of other people
based on races, people can think
of freedom without being beaten
up, and finally, any race can go
anywhere. ~Nicholas and Hannah
believed that
one day there would
be no racim
Mlk's Dream speech
Blacks still struggle to get good jobs
it was one of the most important things in American history
Women's March
Racial Bias still exists in businesses, schools, and public places
inspirational for women
Counter Claim:
African Americans were beaten and made fun of for walking down the street or going to a certain resturaunt.
girls fought for their civil rights
Horrible time/
late 1950s and
Some places in the country
like big cities are still trying to
stop racism.
MLK's dream did not
come true, due to racism,
segregation, and slavery in
other countries ~Conrad
the government was being unfair to women
Children are still bullied in school today because of race.
the HATE
The Children's March Video by Teaching Tolerance via Youtube
Video Comprehension Questions
Students created double-bubble thinking maps in teams and shared the information orally with the class. We paused and clarified any misconceptions during their presentations of research.
Warning: When allowing students to collaborate on the Prezi, if their cursors collide while creating it can jumble together information and designs creating a complete unreadable mess.
Slides were edited because of the volume of maps created. If you would like to zoom in and read the information on a specific double bubble map, hover the cursor over the right side of the screen and click the Plus magnification icon. (It appears when you hover over the right portion of the screen.
? Rephrase
What current event were you comparing to MLK Jr.'s dream?
Not on topic
February 6th-8th
Students typed, revised, and submitted their argumentative essays.

Those who finished worked on their Reading Plus Assignments. All student essays were due on Wednesday Feb. 8th, 2017.

Monday February 13, 2017
1. Literature Circle Questions

2. Reading Plus 2 lessons

3. Origami:
Full transcript