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Ben McCrary

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of ...orientation

Managing the Service Experience Guest Experience Index
Tripadvisor.com What makes up the Guest's Experience? The Guest's experience can be described as a collection of small interactions. These individual interactions together make up the total guest experience. Each of us will become a part of this time-line and have direct control over how WE influence our Guest's experience. By making every guest interaction a positive one, we can lend toward creating an overall memorable experience for the guest. SO...HOW IS THE GUEST EXPERIENCE MEASURED? How do we know if we really are as awesome as we know we are? The Guest Experience Index (GEI) program is Starwood’s tool used to measure the “Voice of the Customer”. Our GEI scores reflect how well our hotel is performing in meeting our guests needs and expectations.

The Guest Experience Index (GEI) acts like an internal report card for our hotel.

It shows us how well we are performing as well as areas that need improvement. WHY IS THE GEI IMPORTANT? The GEI post-stay survey After the guest departs, the surveys are received the next day.
Surveys have two formats, Web Based and Smartphone.
Once the survey is submitted the data is automatically available in the GEI Portal.
All feedback submitted from surveys is available in real time. Our scores will fluctuate a lot on any given day.
(score of 1- 10)
Confidence With Next Stay
Feel Like Valued Guest
Likelihood to Recommend
Likelihood to Return
Negative Word of Mouth
Overall Expectations
(score of 1initiates Hot Alert)
Overall Satisfactions
Positive Word of Mouth
SPG Benefits Satisfaction
Value for Price Paid The GEI Survey measures various components of Guest Loyalty. The factors below are the most crucial in telling us how well we are doing in providing service to our guests. OTHER KEY MEASURES Staff Performance Attributes
Staff Front Desk Helpful
Staff Genuine, Caring Attitude
Staff Responsive to Needs
Staff Taking Pride in Work

Hotel/Physical State Performance Attributes
Public Area Attractive Design
Public Area Conditions

* We can influence any and all of these with our action or in-action. Current GEI standings Galleria: 7.43
Oaks: 8.08 Year to Date These survey responses and results are only visible by us.

So...how can we tell how the public views The Westin Oaks and Westin Galleria? Tripadvisor.com has quickly dominated the social media scene for travel reviews What is Tripadvisor? TripAdvisor is an online community which guests utilize to share their experiences for future guests. Its also assists travelers in determining where they should stay.

TripAdvisor is the worlds largest travel review site which consists of 70+ million trusted travel reviews and opinions from 47 million members around the world. How do they compare to every other site for travel reviews? "This hotel is the BEST "Business Partner""
Within 7 days, this review was read by 301 travelers from around the world.

"I went on a quick business ...Westin Oaks Houston at the Galleria"
859 total readers
Dec 2011 

"We enjoyed our stay in the ...Westin Oaks Houston at the Galleria"
1,243 total readers
1 helpful vote
Jul 2011  This is a snapshot of a recent review Unfortunately, not every review is a good one.
Do people go online only to post negative reviews?
Are the majority of reviews on-line Negative? There are more positive reviews by and large than negative for most properties The Westin Galleria The Westin Oaks 11.71% of travelers rate hotels 1 STAR
10.42% of travelers rate hotels 2 STARS
10.39% of travelers rate hotels 3 STARS
26.85% of travelers rate hotels 4 STARS
40.36% of travelers rate hotels 5 STARS Why is this a TOP priority for us? Many various studies show that travelers will not book a hotel if it has no reviews or a low ranking What does this mean for us?
Good on-line reputation
Direct reflection of our service and brand
Millions of potential travelers around the world read our reviews
Generate additional bookings and revenue Where do we currently stand? The Westin Oaks: 89 out of 437Hotels
The Westin Galleria: 76 out of 437 Hotels How do we improve? The rating given by the guest and the frequency in which we receive surveys matters the most.

Ask every guest "How was your stay?"
ALWAYS refer positive feedback to Tripadvisor.com
Be vigilant in creating the best possible experience for EVERY guest. Questions? Zero Tolerance for Fake Reviews TripAdvisor has a tremendous amount of resources used to ensure that all reviews are legit
Biased activity on TripAdvisor is subject to severe and long lasting penalties
Drop several pages in popularity index
Inclusion in TripAdvisor choice awards Top 10 Lists, press releases, etc
Large red penalty notice explaining that the properties reviews are suspicious Benjamin McCrary & Jennifer Rincon
Guest Relations
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