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Who governs the Republic of Chile

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Cynthia Mejia

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Who governs the Republic of Chile

Who governs the Republic of Chile?
The Chief of State
The Executive System
Serves as the head of the government before senate, congress, and judiciary courts
Powers of the President
President Sebastian Pinera
Born December 1st, 1949.
Santiago, Chile
Political Party: Coalition for Change Independent
1 of 3 children
father was ambassador to the U.S. in 1951
Roman Catholic
Is a billionaire
About President Pinera
Business Administration, BA
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Economics, MA, Phd
Harvard University
After College:
became a professor of Economics
owned stocks, banks, television broadcasting channel, introduced credit cards to Chile, owned 27% airlines, 13% of Chilean soccer club
Profession: Investor, Businessperson
Elected January 2010, took office March 11th, 2010.
Order of succession
Incumbent Minister of State
President of the Senate
President of the Supreme Court
President of Chamber of Deputies
To make laws for the benefit of the general public and for the welfare of the State.
General mandate:
To appoint all leaders and members of government
President of Senate, Chamber of Deputies, Judicial Court
all Ministers, undersecretaries and ambassadors to rep. nation abroad
commander in chief of military
*to remove any member of office
Special Powers of the President
To contribute in making of the laws for the constitution
convene and close congressional sessions
to dissolve chamber of deputies
exercise law thereof outlined in constitution
grant pensions and retirement benefits
to grant individual pardon
conduct political foreign relations
command air sea and land forces
declare war
Political Career
Senator of Chile in Santiago 1990-1998
Leader of National renewal 2001-2004
To be eligible for office:
must be born in Chile
at least 40 years of age.
can hold 2 4-year terms. No more than that.
cannot leave the country for 30 days unless permitted by senate
elected by majority vote of the people
as constitutionally derived,
Outlined in Chapter 4 in the Chilean Constitution.
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