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A Long Walk To Water

No description

Cade White

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water

Throughout the whole book until the end Salva is scared because he is alone in a war. Then at the end he gets a American family.
"Maybe they will leave us alone now that they have robbed us, Salva thought"
pg 63
"Salva was
. Even in the midst of his fear..."
pg 63
"Then Salva saw the telltale flick of a crocodile's tail as it flopped into the water near the young man"
pg 77
A Long Walk To Water
By: Cade White

In Salva's story there were many settings like; his school, the bush, Ethiopia, the Gilo River, Sudan, Kenya, and the United States
In this story there was two protagonist, Salva and Nya. Salva was a well built kid,who was lost in the war and alone. Nya was a young girl who had a good family, and was not really effected by the war, but by the lack of water.
- this was when Salva was at school and was thinking/telling about his family and his farm life at his home.
Inciting Icident
- this is when Salva in school and the gunshots started and he had to flee to the Bush. Then Salva joins a group of travelers.
Rising Action
- Salva's group made it to an old Dinka lady's house. They stayed in her barn, but the group left Salva. Then Salva finds a new group and they find a bee hive and eat the honey comb. Also Salva finds a boy named Marial, and they become good friends. Then his uncle joins the the tribe. One morning Salva wakes up to find Marial nowhere. He believes that he was eaten by a lion. Next they have to cross the the nile and a vast desert.
- One day Salva and his men found a dead stork. They cooked the stork and ater it, but were attacked by some bandits who robbed them and killed Salva's uncle.
Falling Action
- Salva made it to the refugee cam in Itang, Ethiopia. Then everyone is forced from the camp and into the Gilo River, which is filled with crocodiles. Salva surrvived and along with other boys made their way to another refugee camo in Kenya. Once at the camp Salva actually learned a little English, and heard that some lucky few were going to get to go live in America.
- Salva was one of the few chosen to go to America. Right away he was sent on his way. At the airport in New York his new family picked him up. After a few moths, Salva got the news that his father was still alive. Salva traveled back to go see his father. Once there he felt amazing. He told his father he one day would visit his family again. Once back in America, he made a plan that required alot of help.
- His plan was to make water pumps for villages in Sudan. He actually went to Nya's village and constructed one, and ended up meeting Nya.

Figurative Language
"At last the sun was reluctantly forced from the sky" pg 54
This means that it was so hot that the sun seemed like it had to be forced out if the sky
"Salva's mouth closed and opened again, as if he were a fish." pg 34
This relating Salva to a fish, because when he opened his mouth no words came out, like a fish.
" He clung to uncle like a baby or a little boy..." pg 40
This means that Salva was scared, so he was by his Uncle's side like a baby to its mother.
Favorite Quote and Theme of book
Favorite Quote - ' "I am happy to meet you, Nya," he said "My name is Salva." ' pg 115
I like this quote because it just wraps up the whole story and shows you what Salva became.
Point of View
In Salva's part of the story the point of view is third person limited. This shapes his character because you can really feel like you are there with him, and feel his pain.
Throughout the whole story Nya was really never in trouble or scared, she was just getting water,
"Going was easy. Going, the big plastic container held only air."
pg 1
at her younger sister, Nya did not say what she was thinking..."
pg 20
"Nya's mother tied the baby to her back and walked with several other women to a place betwwen the village and the pond."
pg 70
In Nya's part of the story the point of view is also third person limited. This shapes her character because you can see what is happening around her, and not just what is happening to her.
In Nya's story the settings were; her village and her families lake camp.
Three other characters in this book are;
Salva's uncle, Nya's sister Akeer, and Salva's dad. Salva's uncle helped Salva get to Ethiopia, Akeer was the one Nya was trying to teach how to fetch water, and Salva's dad was the one who actually got to see Salva again.(after 17 years)
My favorite character was Salva's uncle
because he helped Salva the most, and he
was a leader.
The theme for Salva's part of the story is,
even if you are troubled, if you set your mind to it , you may find the futue you were looking for.
The theme for Nya's part of the story is,
working hard will always pay off in the end
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