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Digital Media Portfolio

Digital content created to strengthen and supplement the mission and goals of KIPP: Tech Valley Charter School, Albany, NY

Jeffrey Miller

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Digital Media Portfolio

Digital Media Portfolio
Utilizing Social Media To Connect Students & Alumni
Social media works as a tool for our school to promote and recognize academic excellence, survey student interests for future event planning, and share digital space through student-centered media projects. We have developed a social media hub in order to connect students, parents, teachers, and alumni with current school events.
Digital Media Projects to Support School Mission
Together with my students, I have created and produced digital media to communicate cornerstone values, our school's successes, and the school mission. Digital media projects have been the culmination of polling student interests, and researching and adopting new styles.
Marketing the Mission
Envisioning School Culture from Student's Perspectives
Drawing from the KIPP: Tech Valley Charter School Cornerstone values (Choose, Improve, Respect, Support), the use of updated moral stories demonstrates the timelessness of fables.

This piece is part from a recurring series of online web-isodes to encourage students to be thoughtful about their choices.
The Tortoise and the Hare - 2013
Keep your Eyes on the Prize
In order to have all students understand the mission of the school, it is imperative to find ways to give ownership of the school's mission to the student body.

The Motto is a musical parody that highlights the school's unique school culture and showcases the "Work Hard. Be Nice" credo.
Share Scenes Inside the Classroom
Showcasing great classrooms, lessons, and learning experiences at KIPP: Tech Valley Charter School
Great Lessons Create Learning
Powerful teaching inspires curious students. By collaborating with effective teachers, we can showcase excellence in learning, as the centerpiece of our school's success.
Our most valuable and marketable asset is the hard work and dedication of our students and teachers. The work here has two purposes: to champion excellence in academics and attitude, and to give visitors an in depth look at "What Makes Us Different."

The following pieces were done as brief award pieces to teachers and student who were honored for excellence within the classroom. Honorees were nominated and voted for using online surveys.
Norming School Expectations By Appealing to Students
Student & Staff Highlights
The following work represents the digital media that I have produced to expand the communication, visibility, and transparency of KIPP:Tech Valley Charter School in Albany, NY
Our school is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between students, teachers, and families in order to best support student success. I began producing digital media in the classroom as an instructional tool, to motivate students, and to showcase class projects.

As the popularity of these projects grew, the scope began to expand to include recruitment, school mission, and community connections.

Our school believes that transparency is critical to the school mission. By blending our digital media projects with social media, we were able to strengthen connections with our teachers, staff, families, students, alumni, and prospective students.
When You Make Good Choices, Good Things Happen
A School Culture That Recognizes and Rewards Hard Work
KIPP: Tech Valley Charter School recognizes that students respond better when given praise and incentives, rather than discipline or reprimands. Hence, a large aspect of our job as teachers is to find ways to highlight upcoming events, contests, or prizes, to motivate our students to put in the extra effort in their lessons.

Here is a piece created to inform students of a contest, with the larger goal of motivating academic effort.
Teaching School Citizenship through Media
"Pencil Problems"
"Self Control!"
Empowering Students to Embrace School Vision
What Makes Us Different? Creating a Web Identity
by Jeffrey Miller
Highest Academics
Most Polite
Funniest Student
Most Musical
Most Creative
Most Passionate
Most Innovative
Most Improved
Most Organized
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