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Peyo Culliford By Beshoy

No description

lis lab3

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Peyo Culliford By Beshoy

Peyo Culliford Peyo was born in June 25, 1928 and died on Christmas Eve 1992. He is my favorite author because I like the series the Smurfs because they are all named after their personality. He grew up in Brussels and died there. He likes being an author because he likes to see kids smile. He writes about the Smurfs. They are graphic novels. My favorite book is The Smurfs and the Egg because all the Smurfs fight over who gets to wish first. Somebody grants a wish that PaPa Smurf turns into a normal Smurf and that Smurf turns into PaPa Smurf. That's why I like it. The Smurfs and the Egg is about Smurf day and they want to bake a cake. So two Smurfs went and got an egg and it turned out to be a magic egg and everybody was granted their wish. Peyo's real name is Pierre Culliford. He's Belgian. In 1959 the Smurfs got their own series. Peyo started a studio in the early 1960's. The first Smurf's book was published in 1958. Hi Im Peyo I created the Smurfs and other books. My favorite characters are Gargamel and Azrael my favorite story in the book is when Gargamels cousin comes and ruins his life. By Beshoy Another one of his books is The Purple Smurf. It's about a purple Smurf taking over the village. Peyo's house
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