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The Three Types of Irony

No description

Kerowyn Lush

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Three Types of Irony

The Three Types Of Irony Dramatic Irony This is the irony that occurs in drama where the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters. An example of dramatic irony is in horror movies where the audience always knows that the killer is behind the door and the character always opens the door. Another example of dramatic irony is in the movie "The Truman Show". All of the characters in the movie and the audience except for Truman know that his life is a t.v. show. By Kerowyn Lush and Monica Manzo Situational Irony Situational irony is the type of irony where actions have the opposite effect of what was intended. One example of situational irony is if the ambulance, on the way to save people from a car crash, actually runs over the victims. Another example of situational irony is in the movie "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". In the movie, all Dorothy wants is to go home and it turns out she was at home all along. Verbal Irony A.k.a. sarcasm Verbal irony is the type of irony in which a person says or writes one thing and means another One example of verbal irony is saying "Oh great!" when you are being chased by a shark. "Oh Great" Another example of verbal irony is when someone points out the obvious and another person says "Thanks Captain Obvious". Irony is the expression of one's meaning using language that normally signifies the opposite typical for humorous effect. "It's raining" "Thanks Captain Obvious" Here are Some Other Examples of Random Irony This Picture is ironic because the workers are making a marker for a school and they spelled "school" wrong. What type of irony is this? Situational Irony Thanks for the warning. What type of irony is this? Verbal Irony THE END No! Really?
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