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Time Management for Success in College

A tool to help first year students find success in college, using good time management skills.

Carly Schoettes

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Time Management for Success in College

Time Management for Students How to use your time wisely to be academically
successful and still have a social life How much time did the average American spend on Facbook in January?
a) 13 hours
b) 5 hours
c) 7 hours
d) 22 hours c) 7 hours How much time a month
do you spend on Facebook?
More? Less? What else could you do
with this time? 14 half-hour workouts at the rec
7 hours of your community service
3+ cultural events
7 hours closer to that A (STUDY!)
7 hour long trips to the caf with friends This assignment is
designed to show you
how you spend your time
and give you time
management tips. Feeling Overwhelmed? Find a time management
strategy that works for
you. What works for you might not be the same as what works for your friend! Here are some options that work for me and other successful college students...pick one or two that work for you! But really
use it... Use something
digital to plan your time Use
Planner Write a list Somewhere that is visible Prioritize your list Make a flexible list -Each activity has a letter code
-For every 15 minutes you will enter a letter, based on what you did for those 15 minutes
-The system will automatically make a graph for you!
-You will need this information to answer the questions.
-Do NOT change any of the formatting or formulas because you will have problems when it comes time to make your graph. To Submit: -You will change the areas that say Your Name's to your actual name, so it say's Joe Smith's.
-In this spreadsheet you will see four different sheets. Two are my example and two are for you to fill out.
-This spreadsheet is sitting in your email. You will download it, complete and email it back to me BEFORE class on Friday!
-There is also a directions sheet in your email if you get confused. Part Two: Analyzing your Data: -Also attached to the email is a document with questions you will need to answer once you complete your Excel spreadsheet and the graph is made.
-You can save the questions as Joe Smith's Questions and email them back to me with your attachment. Or you can bring them to class Friday A Word of Caution The spreadsheet DOES work, but it may be a bit complicated, so I wouldn't wait until Thursday at midnight or even worse, Friday at 9a to get started on this!
BUT please let me know if you do have questions!
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