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Symbol And Daemon Assignment

No description

Alice Liang

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Symbol And Daemon Assignment

What does Your Symbol Mean to You? When I was born, I was given the nickname "cloud" because me element of birth was water. Also, clouds are very "simple" and do not have any complicated things that involves it, which is kind of like me, so I felt closer to it.
Most other people does not see the cloud as a specific symbol, and would use it as a weather prediction of some sort, because of its appearance that shows what the weather will be later on. What are the First Words That Comes to Mind When You See Your Symbol? -Freedom
-Dreams My Symbol is... A Cloud Clouds are actually similar to the alethiometer in the Golden Compass, because both symbolizes the truth (this goes back to the weather prediction). Birds and stars also represents freedom.
Because clouds aren't a specified symbol, there are not any symbols with direct opposite meanings besides for chains that represents restraint. Are There Stories, Songs, or Legends About Your Symbol? There are several songs or stories that used clouds to get their point across: Where does Your Symbol Come From? Is it Ancient or Modern? Has its Meaning Changed Over Time? This symbol wasn't "invented" or thought of as a symbol, but as the picture/symbol representing the cloud or the meanings behind it, which could vary in definition.
The use of a cloud as a symbol can be found in ancient Chinese charms as one of the elements. It is also a biblical symbol to represent divine presence. By: Alice.L Symbol& Daemon Assignment These words reminds me of clouds because the clouds are made of water, which is pure because it gets mixed only with other dust particles, but overall it is a pure substance. Clouds are free to go wherever, so they reminds me of having freedom and having an infinite amount of possibilities. This shows what types of clouds there are and how they relate to weather. These words reminds me of clouds because clouds are made of water, which is overall very pure because it is not contaminated. Also clouds are free to travel to wherever and is exposed to an infinite amount of possibilities. Clouds also reminds me of the word independence because it does not rely on anything else (but it is not a living object either). Are there Other Symbols With Similar Meanings? Opposite Meanings? Songs: Top 10 Songs About Clouds:
1.Get Off Of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones
2. You're So Vain - Carly Simon
3. Clouds - The Jayhawks
4. Clouds - Django Reinhardt
5. Clouds - The Go-Betweens
6. Dark Cloud - The Holmes Brothers
7. Clouds - Buffalo Tom
8. Clouds - The Submarines
9. In The Clouds - The Cult
10. Cloudy - Average White Band Stories and Legends There are certain stories and legends involving clouds, but most of them doesn't actually have clouds as the main subject in the story. It is usually used to introduce the setting. A story involving clouds is The Storm Cloud & The Sun, which is a children's story. The meaning of the cloud varies, but the general meanings haven't changed much, probably because of the fact that it is not really considered a symbol yet. Does the Symbol Represent a Group of People? Clouds do not represent a group of people directly, but certain societies or religions use it as a interpretation of something else, like how it represents life, understanding, or an army in the Islamic religion. Where Have You Seen your Symbol? Have You Ever Used Your Symbol? I have seen the cloud symbol on most Apple products lately, because of the new function of iCloud, where your information on one device can be transferred to your other device through the Apple cloud. I have never used this symbol in a message unless I'm using it as my nickname on the bottom of the e-mail (which is rarely), but this symbol still means a lot to me. In conclusion, although this symbol is not that well known or really significant, this symbol is really special and important to me because I relate to it a lot and I grew up in the influence of it. I also have a fascination with clouds so this symbol really stood out from the other symbols around our world. I think that symbols are becoming a big part of our world, even though we do not realize it, and how we connect to symbols will show who we are. My Daemon... The results of the Daemon test had different results: a Wolf, Cat, and a Sparrow, while I thought my personality was more rabbit-like. I'm pretty independent when it comes to certain things and I would rather follow, so my daemon would probably be either be a cat or a sparrow.
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