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Dacula Elementary Media Center Orientation (2nd-5th)

How to use Prezi - Interface and workflow

Paul Carey

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of Dacula Elementary Media Center Orientation (2nd-5th)

Teachers use them too Students use DESTINY QUEST Sometimes you will visit our DES media center WITHOUT your class. Remember to come with a LIBRARY PASS! It helps to KNOW where you need to go and what you need to find. Try and plan your visit. sharing is an important way to follow school
rules Its not too hard to share

BUT there are only THREE
computers we can use. Thank you! When you SHARE, you are respecting others!
Lets meet some friends who are learning how to share Find How much time will you need? It should take you at least
5 minutes to find your "just right" book or take an AR test. Welcome! Share Media Center Map Wow! You have
a lot of places
where you can look
for books! Lets look at a media center MAP. can I help you? Hi, What is your job when you come here? There are two very important jobs that many students come here to do. We are all so glad you came today!

Your library friends are here to help YOU!

Now...let's talk about YOUR job. :) First, we all follow the school rules whenever we visit the library. Take an Accelerated Reader test. Find a "just right" book to check out. Cool!
I want this! YOUR SPACE wow! Lets talk about You can use shapes, arrows too Share your space 3 computers Students use them to find books Students take AR TESTS on them I love it on the roof! Its fun up here! So you can add details Goals for every student
find a "just right" book
share, and respect others
follow SCHOOL RULES and TESTING RULES Explore Sit nearby and wait patiently.

Do not stand behind or next to someone who is working on the computer. That's our JOB! Lets learn
how to SHARE our space! The cat is already using the roof.
I'll just graze here on the grass. The COW is standing on my pile of
CHICKEN FEED. I'll eat from this
OTHER PILE and come back when
the COW has finished. 18,000 books! I'm just using DESTINY
QUEST to find books.
If you ask politely,
you can stand
next to me and see
what books we can find
together. Its fun! I'm using DESTINY
QUEST, but I'm not
looking for the same
books that you
want to find. You
should NOT stand next
to me while I search.
If you need to use my
computer, please sit on a bench
or chair and wait patiently
until I'm done. :) I'm taking an AR test.
You can not stand near
my computer or look
at my screen.
That is against the
rules for taking a test!
I have to follow the
rules too. I can't use
my book or talk to any other
students until I'm done. BUT, it should not take more than 10 minutes.
If it does, please ask us for help! Students use them with teachers sometimes What if you need a
computer, but none
is available? I'm taking an AR test.
My test is private, so
please do not look
at my screen or
talk to me. I have
to follow the rules
too. I can't look in
my books or talk with
anyone until my test
is done. Mr. Carey Media Specialist Welcome! Molly Media Library Friend Too HARD! JUST RIGHT! Too EASY! Exploring books is fun!
But what if someone else
has the book you want? But, I can't stay up here all day. The bird likes it here
too. I need to SHARE my SPACE. I prefer to eat my lunch
in the calf-eteria! Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Resourceful
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