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No description

nicole wallin

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Marijuana

marijuana Short term effects of using weed are: street names for cannabis are:
grass, pot, hash, weed, reefer, dope, herb, mull, stick, buckets, cones, skunk, hydro, yarndi, smoke, hooch, buddha, ganja and joint.
Marijuana, which is also referred to as cannabis, is a mild hallucinogen although it has some of alcohol’s depressant and disinhibiting properties.
The long term effects of cannabis are:
dependence (addiction)
anxiety and depression
sleep problems
lowered sex drive
learning difficulties
memory problems
respiratory illnesses such as chronic cough and bronchitis
increased risk of cancer of the lung, mouth, throat and tongue
paranoia and other psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations with increased risk of developing schizophrenia
instead of doing cannbis, which is illegal
you could mimic the feeling by sky diving
or bungee jumping, anything that gives
you that sort of high. but a high that doesnt
affect your health or wellbeing. it is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell cannabis in australia, but penalties differ for each state or territory.
in new south wales, queensland, victoria and tasmania possession and use of cannabis is okay up to 6 plants, however, it is considered unlikely that anyone caught with a small amount will be convicted. don't do drugs :) dryness of the mouth
increased appetite
mood swings
panic attacks
anxiety and paranoia
reduced coordination
problems concentrating
reduced motivation
slow thinking
slow reflexes
dilated pupils
blood shot eyes

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