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The Theme for The Giver and Divergent

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on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Theme for The Giver and Divergent

What is utopia and dystopia?
The Theme for The Giver and Divergent
The word "dystopia" means not a perfect place to live. In both communities are dystopian societies. In The Giver, the community isn't perfect. One person (which is the Reciever-of-Memory) holds all the memories of the world. In Divergent, the factions aren't perfect. Three of the factons went into a war over justice. With the rules that both commuities have, no one in the socities are perfect.
The theme of The Giver
The main theme of The Giver is change. When the main character Jonas witnessed the change of the apple and when the Giver told Jonas that it was see-telling, that was a sign of change. Everything changed when Jonas became the new Reciever. As the training went on, Jonas began disliking it. The Giver told Jonas a plan, an escape plan. Jonas thought about it overnight. The Giver told him that to escape during the December ceremony.
The theme of Divergent
The theme of Divergent is bravery. Part of the novel talks about how bravery can help with survial. When the main character Tris chose a braver, much different faction instead of Abegantion and when she faced the dog instead of killing it, that is a sign of bravery. On the first day of initiation, Tris was forced to jump out of a moving train. She was the first on the jump off the train. On another day, she played a brave game called "Capture the Flag." Then Tris did ziplining without being scared.
The Giver
In The Giver, everyone must follow a set of rules. Every family unit must have 2 children, 1 male and 1 female. Every year, there is a cermony for each newchild and every year a child grows up. For the ceremony of Twelve, every Twelve gets a job based on the volunteer job. Every Nine gets a bike. When newchilden are born, they get a comfort object. For example, Lily's comfort object was an elephent. The whole community depends on the Reciever, who gets all the memories of the world, past, present, and future.
The book Divergent is about the choices you make. When it is time to make a choice, one choice will stand out in front of the others. Choices can be hard because some will ruin people's life. Tris makes a choice where she abandons her family. That choice made Tris depressed about her leaving her family. Choices in this society lead up to making the wrong choices. Tris makes this choice because she wanted to be braver and she is Divergent, which means she is many things. She picked the faction that is opposite from the faction from where Tris was because she wanted to know how to be brave.
The word "utopia" means a perfect world. In both books, both communities try to make a utopian society by making all these rules. For example in The Giver, there was sameness, which is where everything is the same. In Divergent, one faction called Abegnation is dull and simply, plain ordinary. All communities want is peace.
How would describe both books?
Both main characters have something special about them.
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