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The Skating Party Analysis

No description

Peta Swiftly

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of The Skating Party Analysis

Peter, Hazel, Houda, Fatena, Nathan The Skating Party Analysis Plot Summary "The Skating Party" is about a love triangle faced by Maida's Uncle — Nathan, who is in love with a girl name Delia Sykes, without being aware of the fact that she is a married woman... Point of View: How the story is told by the narration's perspective The story "The Skating Party" has a first person point of view because the events are seen through the eyes of the narrator, who is Uncle Nathan's niece - Maida. Irony of the ending of the story The twist in the plot of the very end of the story creates situational irony The Skating Party by Merna Summers The story takes place in a small town named Willow Bunch in the Prairies during the early 1900's. Characters Maida, the narrator
Will, Maida's father
Winnie, Maida's mother
Nathan, Maida's uncle
Eunice: Uncle Nathan's fiancée
Delia: Eunice's sister "The Skating Party" has a good amount of flashbacks through out the story, especially when Uncle Nathan starts talking about his past with Delia and Eunice The reader thinks that Uncle Nathan could not identify the girls. However as Uncle Nathan tells Maida, he was able to tell the girls apart, and he chose not Eunice, but Delia. Uncle Nathan vs The Stone Man Similar to the stone man in the story... Uncle Nathan is a cold-hearted person who deceives his fiancée Eunice by loving her sister Delia. Also Uncle Nathan is a man who looks strong but cannot assert himself, which is like the stone man, who is very vulnerable that people can take him apart easily. In the story "The Skating Party", Uncle Nathan reveals his true feeling by presenting Maida the idea: One may not truly know what they want until they are no longer able to obtain it "Your Uncle Nathan risked his life," my mother said
"It means that nobody knows," How might this information have influenced Uncle Nathan's choice that night?
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