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Ireland intro

Introduction to A2 Ireland coursework

Amanda Seys

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Ireland intro

Ireland intro Act of Union, 1801 to Partition, 1921 Key Ideas What is union? Implications Protestant ascendancy
Religious divide cemented
2nd class status
British as oppressors Coursework = study of how over 120 years the Irish Catholic population sought to amend \ destroy the Act of
Union and how Protestant Unionists tried to maintain it What is partition? 6 counties Reactions Choices... Peaceful protest
violent protest? Events Famine Easter Rising Formation of IRA Bloody Sunday Names Daniel O' Connell CS Parnell John Redmond Young Ireland IRB Michael Collins Eamonn de Valera Moral force or phyical force? Extent and degree of success? Portrayals
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