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Personal Communication Style

No description

Whitney Carter

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Personal Communication Style

What is Your Type of Communication?
Oriented: To turn toward the east or become adjusted or aligned.
Task Oriented:
Hugging, holding hands, physically close

In the following clip, identify any touch-oriented
communication that you see.

Through 2.20
Sharing one’s feelings, listening, heart-to-heart talks, caring words

In the following clip, identify any verbal-oriented communication that you see.

Achievement, accomplishments, hard work, status, things, service/help.

In the following clip, identify any task-oriented
communication that you see.

Do you think Andy's love for Susan has really worn off?
What orientation is Susan?
Do you think Susan wants constant public displays of affection?
What other things might Andy do to keep the communication in their marriage functioning well?
Case Study #1
What orientation is the son?
What orientation is the mom?
What might improve the relationship between the son and his mother?
Case Study #2
What orientation is Jackie?
What orientation s Steve?
Is Steve really immature and insecure?
Is it realistic or even fair for Jackie to expect him to change his love language?
How might this couple compromise and resolve the problem?
Case Study #3
Why did Sandy want John to do the jobs himself?
Do you think John is a task-oriented person?
What might the couple do to solve their problem?
Case Study #4
A person’s primary orientation is determined by the highest score on the quiz.
The secondary orientation is determined by the second highest score on the quiz.
Some people will have scores that are very close or may use a different communication under different circumstances.
It is important that you understand the following terms:
Communication --- the way one sends and receives messages of acceptance, affection, and appreciation.
You should remember:
It comes from a reflection of or reaction to your home life.

If your mother is task-oriented person and you are also a task-oriented person you reflect your home love language. If, on the other hand, your mother is task-oriented and you are touch-oriented, you reacting to your home love language.
Where do our communication styles come from?
One is not better or worse, but it is important to recognize that you do or do not speak the same love language as those around you.
Most people have learned their love language –so it can be changed.
However, change is not what is needed, understanding is.
A child comes home with good grades
A co-worker gets a promotion or a raise.
A close friend slipped on the ice and broke their leg.
A sibling just broke up with their boy/girl friend.
Their grandparents 50th anniversary is coming up.
How does a Touch-Oriented, Verbal-Oriented, & a Task-Oriented Person respond to the following situations?

Ask him/her to take the quiz
Recognize how he/she reacts and shows love to others.
Observe his/her reactions when a compliment, hug, or gift is given. Which do you think means the most?
Which Are You???
Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would like done unto you".
When else besides love relationships could the "Golden Rule" be used?
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