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Sensory Evaluation

No description

Yatie 1530

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Sensory Evaluation

Sensory Evaluation What? Using five senses Analyse and evaluate Smell Taste Touch Hearing Sight How? Conduct Tests 3. Descriptive
Objective comparison
Describe attributes of food
To create an accurate sensory profile Purpose? Improve quality Identify attributes Compare products Determine acceptability chewy salty smooth golden-brown bitter crispy Triangle test Odd one out Types Considerations:
1. Method
2. Testers
3. Response sheets
4. Food products
5. Conditions
6. Conduct
7. Collate
8. Finalise
9. Decide For a fair test Ranking Rating 1st 2nd 3rd 1. Preference:
Based on likes and dislikes
Subjective comparison
Does not evaluate a specific attribute 2. Discriminative
Objective comparison
Evaluates specific attribute 'Just right' scale Duo-trio test 1 control
Identify the similar one Quiet
Glass of water
Response sheet
Food product with labels
Identical plates, portion size
similar? differences? preference? modify
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