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Morgan Wickline

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Microteaching

Microteaching By: Morgan Wickline Ipad About the Ipad in the classroom. technology in the class: Computers


iPad- for autistic student

The iPad is how the non-verbal autistic student communicate. He is the only student in the classroom who uses it. The iPad can be used for:
1. Connecting two different subjects.
2. Nurturing creativity.
3. Assist special needs learning.
4. Appeals to all three types of learners.
5. Allows students to have a major role in their learning. Pedagogy and Content What the student already knows:
- The student is aware of most of the colors and shapes, but needs extra practice when it comes to identifying them. Preconceptions:
-The student has been taught colors and shapes before. How content is presented:
- I decided to start with focusing on colors first. I reviewed colors first by showing the student crayons and identifying the color of the crayon.
- Next I brought out the iPad and as I said a color the student would identify it on the iPad.
- I did the same thing with shapes, but itstead of a crayon I used printed out pictures of the shapes (circle, square, triangle, diamond and star). Technology Pedagogy: -The iPad and the app. helps support the audio, visual and hands-on learner.
- The application shows the colors (visual), the learner has to touch the color asked (hands-on) and once the student touches the color the application says the color back to the learner (auditory). Technology Pedagogy and Content The content would not have been able to be presented without the iPad. The iPad was very vital to this activity- without it the student and I would not have been able to communicate very effectively. The technology changed the way I taught and what I expected back from the student. Because the student is non-verbal he was able to communicate by using the iPad. The review before the use of the iPad helped the student to understand what the lesson would be about and a review of the different names that go with each shape and color. The use of the iPad also helped to make the student comfortable with working one-on-one with me. I had yet to work with the student, but I think the use of the iPad made him comfortable with what I was asking him and his ability to communicate his knowledge with me. The End
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