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Act 3, Scene 1

No description

Choco Pansi

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Act 3, Scene 1

Act 3, Scene 1
Romeo And Juliet

Previous Action
Characters in Act 3, Scene 1
How does this scene reinforce the plot?
The sudden violence and the buildup to the fighting in this scene, reminds us that
Romeo and Juliet
still takes place in a masculine world where honor, pride and status have importance especially in conflict.
Theme #1
The play's dangerous social environment are dramatic tools Shakespeare uses to emphasize that the lovers' romance is very precious and fragile.
Romeo and Juliet confess their love to Friar Lawrence to avoid sin. In the Catholic Religion it is a sin to have sex before marriage. Romeo and Juliet decide to get married first to avoid that sin.

Act 3, Scene 1, Summary in 6 Simple Steps

1. Mercutio and Benvolio are together on a hot summer day in some public place in Verona. Mercutio mocks Benvolio on how he usually does not succeed in creating peace. Many comparisons are used to enhance the fact that Benvolio is a considerably bad peacekeeper.

2.Tybalt and his men come in and it is actually Mercutio that tries to provoke conflict with the Capulets. Romeo also came recently after his recent marriage with Juliet and is in a very good mood even after seeing his enemy Tybalt.

3.Tybalt calls Romeo a “villain” and he gets annoyed from Romeo’s relaxed response and refusal to get angry and fight. Mercutio volunteers to fight in Romeo’s place.

4.Romeo tries to stop Mercutio but he refuses and fights Tybalt. Mercutio is killed by Tybalt and curses the Montague and Capulet feud for his death.

5.Romeo felt ashamed for not fighting in Mercutio’s place. So he decides to duel and then kills Tybalt for his best friend, Mercutio.

6.Romeo flees and Benvolio is left to explain the story when the Prince, Lady Capulet, and many other angry citizens arrive at the crime scene. Lady Capulet demands the Prince to exile Romeo for killing her nephew, Tybalt. Benvolio emphasizes Romeo’s attempt to keep peace as he explained the story but Lady Capulet was not satisfied. The Prince declares that should Romeo be found within the city, he will be killed.

Romeo and Juliet
Theme #2
This scene also reminds the audience of how Romeo and Juliet's romance is the only break from the brutal world pressing against their love in the play.
Theme #3
All of a sudden...

Romeo falls in love with Juliet from Rosaline...
They get married the next day...
Tybalt kills Mercutio...
Romeo kills Tybalt...
In this scene...
Passion outweighs reason at every point of the play. The sudden fights and deaths in this scene restate that.
By: Simran Panesar
Literary Features and literary Devices


Page 143, Line 21
"Thy head is full of quarrels as an egg is full of meat."


Page 143, Line 4
“For now these
days is the
mad blood
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