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PowerPoint, Prezi, & E Maze

No description

Vanessa Tapia

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of PowerPoint, Prezi, & E Maze

PowerPoint, Prezi, & E Maze
About Prezi
It is commonly used and well known to a lot of people, mainly used by technology and reading teachers
Yes it works with all operating systems
It is more creative than the other presentation software I have researched it also has a lot more people using it than PowerPoint.
The first thirty days of subscription is free, then you pay a yearly recurring fee
Harder to get used to than PowerPoint
More features

About Emaze
Most people think Emaze is going to be the next generation of online presentation software
It is not commonly known
The basic version is free, so you can try it out and see for yourself.
Emaze looks to replace PowerPoint and Prezi as the highest presentation platform for small or midsize businesses and private users
Compare & Contrast
About PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint was originally created by Robert Gaskins and was originally called Presenter
It is mainly used in an office or business area, but teachers worldwide use it for teaching and for group projects.
Can work with all operating systems and is well known
It is different because it is a lot more commonly known than any other presentation software.
PowerPoint, Prezi, & Emaze
eye catching
easier to insert files and videos
can insert PowerPoint presentations,

Designed for ordinary users

will not work smoothly on older computers with low computing power
Has slides, to insert pictures
You can copy and paste
Can be saved to a computer
Gradient backgrounds
All presentations are private
Always accessible
No payment required
Cannot add Prezi presentations to PowerPoint
Hard to insert videos
Not that eye catching
More toolbars to get to know than Prezi

may be difficult to get used to
need internet access
limited fonts and colors
By: Vanessa Tapia
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