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Creating a Paperless Classroom

No description

Cassie Gentry

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Paperless Classroom

Creating a Paperless Classroom
1. Maintain a lively pace by using technology that lets students pace themselves

What will I do to engage students?
Cassandra Gentry
7th & 8th grade science
Eisenhower Middle School
Classroom Website

Keeping students interested by using technology
in the middle school science classroom
2. Present unusual or interesting information with various online media

3. Noticing when students are not engaged by using both proximity and virtual monitoring
My Action Plan
August 2013--the blank slate!
Classroom Layout
Paths for monitoring
Quads with

Clear rules and


Peer helpers
Gradual Release
Teaching tech support
May 2014--the paperless and collaborative classroom
1. Google Drive submission folder
2. Science share folders
3. Online monitoring and grading
4. Web-based polls and forms
5. Classroom website and Instagram
Perfecting the Paperless Classroom
1. Day one implementation
Have students accustomed from day one
Start slow and build to comprehensive and collaborative
2. Applying for grants to get better technology
Chromebooks that can be used with web-based Google Drive and integrated apps
3. Integrating more varied applications
Padlet, eBooks, RealTime Board, Gliffy, Sparticl, Evernote, Online portfolios, Collaboration
What does
it look like?

What have I learned?
1. Maintaining a lively pace
Students are able to set their own pace
Extra activities posted on website
Take notes on their own
Revisit activities at home or in SPED room
2. Present unusual information
Student choice in media
Varied types of information, sources, and media
3. Using monitoring to see if students are engaged
Keeps students accountable
Knowing it may happen is enough to keep students on task
Students like the immediate feedback of virtual monitoring
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