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The Role of Grassroots Organizations in the Civil Rights Movement

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Saria Hawkins

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Role of Grassroots Organizations in the Civil Rights Movement

A view from the ground up! American Civil Rights Movement Thesis So your point is.... At what points during the American Civil Rights Movement were grassroots movements most effective? Martin Luther King , Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Jessie Jackson, and Malcolm X are all viewed as prominent "leaders" of the Civil Rights Movement.

Many attribute the success of the movement to these leaders, however my thesis attempts to prove that grassroots organizations also played a huge role in bringing about significant victories in the struggle for black equality.

The "OTHER" guys Martin Luther King was not revered as highly by people involved in the struggle as he was in the media and by onlookers. WOWSERS!!!! My Biggest Challenge The Civil Rights Movement was successful because of the collaboration of excellent leadership and local grassroots efforts. They worked together in a state of mutual interdependency. Grassroots Organizations The page limit!
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