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The Answer is No

No description

Jen Brunk

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Answer is No

"The Answer is No" Naguib Mahfouz "The Answer is No"- Characters Setting Themes born 1911 in Egypt
One of the first contemporary writers of Arabic fiction.
Most of his stories are set in his homeland.
Published 34 novels, hundreds of short stories, dozens of movie scripts, and 5 plays over his long career.
Awarded the Noble Prize of Literature in 1988.
died 2006 in Egypt, age 94 The author never specifies a time or place setting, but we can make an educated guess. What themes do you see?
What message does Mahfouz send?
Why is his message important? Naguib Mahfouz The Teacher
Badran Badawi
Mother What do we really know about these characters? Where do you think it is set? Why? Plot What happens in this story? What happened before the story started? Themes, meaning, message are all important to your interpretation of the short story.
Fiction is a purposeful art.
It's up to us to discover that purpose. This particular story is told in a series of flashbacks and flashforwards.

Revealing the plot in this fashion lends an air of believability and realism to the story.
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