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Four Little Foxes

No description

Leila Verbeck

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Four Little Foxes

Four Little Foxes
4 Little Foxes
By Lew Sarret
Is there rhyme in this poem?
Yes. The rhymes in this poem are sound, found, ground, blow, snow, go, alarm, harm, arm, hurricane, pain, and rain.
What is this poem about?
This poem is about a person finding four abandoned baby foxes. The person hopes that the foxes will make it, and tries to take care of them.
What figurative language is in this poem?
The figurative language in this poem is personification. An example from the poem is; Speak Gently, Spring. Another example is; Walk Softly, March.
Explain how one example of figurative language works in this poem.
In the poem, one example of figurative language was how the author gave the personification of Spring talking. The author is making the season able to speak when seasons can't talk.
What is the feeling of this poem? How does the figurative language affect the poem
The feeling of this poem is hopeful. This is because the person that found the baby foxes is hoping they will survive. The figurative language affects this poem because it is giving the seasons and months human traits. For example; Speak gently Spring.
Why do you like this poem?
I like this poem because its about foxes and the way the author described what they were going through. The author used really good details.
How does this poem relate to my life?
This poem can relate to my life because if I saw abandoned baby animals, I would want them to live and stay healthy.
Four Baby Foxes
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