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Do you want to play the Omegle game?

No description

lkjhaff asjkdbcb

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Do you want to play the Omegle game?

Do you want to play the Omegle game?
Type 'yes' to start
10 Points
20 points
Stick out tongue
30 points
Show your tummy
40 points
Show your bra strap
50 points
Show top of panties
60 Points
Show bra
80 Points
Take shirt off
90 Points
Grab boobs
100 Points
Show butt
110 Points
Take bra off
120 Points
Rub nipples
130 Points
Take pants off
140 Points
Rub yourself between legs
150 Points
Take panties off
160 Points
One finger inside
170 Points
Two fingers inside
180 Points
Move them in and out faster
190 Points
Turn around, bend over, spread cheeks
200 Points
Spank yourself
210 Points
Follow instructions
??? points!
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