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Copy of Chinese New Year 2012

Facts and trivia about the holiday

elizabeth villagrana

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chinese New Year 2012

恭喜發財 How did you get to this school I moved in with my mom and
heard about the school from a relative who comes here What series of events I moved from Iowa to Illinois

Moved in with my mom

looked all over Chicago for a school

Heard about it form a relative

And applied Pachs community contribute Community I worked with was prom

Letting people know when there was a bake sale Letter to future generation PACHS is probably the school that has help me the most compared to my other school I have attended. What I learned was to communicate more and spend my time wisely My contribute has been particapating in the 40th annerversiry what I did was help visitors around the Clement school I have transformed by being more helpful and particapting more in my class I learned that I have made a change by making time to do my work What i love about this school is that we have a mentor, the prograsms after school and the help staff give yuou I am Generous Iowa where I live for a year Minneapolis MN I grew up I'm from Chicago
Im 18 years old
Birthday Dec 2, 1994
I have four siblings
I came from a Family from Mexico Who I am
June -
Pick up my diploma and transcripts
Pay my fees for PACHS
attend to orientaion
Update my fafsa
Apply for a CTA bus pass
Plan which bus I will take to get to Wright college
Rent books for college classes
pay my fees and tuition for college
Make sure I have receive a bus pass
Practice once or twice on the bus to estimate how long it will take me to get to school
Buy all my materials for college at target or staples
Fix and edit my cover letter

Look over my resume and add or delete things
Fill out my application
Be ready for interview
Start working at Charlotte Russe
Save at least $50 to add in banking account
Make sure I have all supplies for college
Have and apply for tutoring class and clubs Plan A
Summer Getting ready to attend attend Wright Wilbur college work at Charlotte russe

•Pick up transcripts and diploma
•apply for a cta bus pass
•Have class and tutions payed
•stay after school for tutoring
•Make sure i’m keeping track of my credits
•Not to fail and miss too many days of classes Plan B Attend Harold Washington college going to get my drivers license from Illinois •Make sure I have my passport, SSC, Mail with a date and ID or Drivers license
•Go to Secretary of State-Driver Services for a drivers license
•Take the written test and pass
•get my license
•Raise money to get a used car July
•Study for my drivers license in IL
•Select a certain time and date to take the test and early August
•Attend orientation
•Buy all supplies for college
•rent books online
•Pay my tuition
•sign up for tutoring classes
•search around Chicago for a car
•Pick up my transcripts and diploma
•pay fees from PACHS
•Move within a week after school
•Let my dad know Im moving in with him
•Tell my dad to bring his truck
•Pack all lm belongings at my moms home
•Let my dad know When to come Move to Minnesota with my dad and attend Hennipen community college and have a part-time job at Target Plan C Summer July

Be already In MN
edit my resume and cover letter
Apply at target
Be interviewed to work at Target
add half of my check to my bank account
save money for college

Attended orientation for new students
Take placement test
meet with advisor
rent books online
buy all my materials for college
Pay for my tuition
Apply for a cta bus pass Transformation

I chose this because since I have been attending PACHS, I have changed as a student by being dedicated to my classes and self improvement and awareness.

I have demonstrated by passing my first semester of senior portfolio and demonstration my self motivation and pushing to pass all my class

I have demonstrated determination to pass all my classes and to graduate
I have demonstrated self reliance by being aware of my actions and responsibility What I love to do Go to amusement park Go bowling Travel
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