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The Time War

A detailed conclusion on the most mysterious war in Doctor Who history.

The One Who Is The One

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of The Time War

The Time War Doctor Who The Doctor (1-11) Gallifrey Time Lords TARDISes and Time Travel Gallifreyan Government The Time War Overview Time War Specifics The Doctor is a Timelord from the planet Gallifrey, located in the constellation of Kasterborous (Galactic co-ordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from the galactic center). Timelords can "regenerate" or turn into a different person when he (or even she in some cases, it is possible to switch genders) dies in order to cheat death. Gallifrey is as close to the galactic center as you can possibly get without ending up in a black hole. Gallifrey is several times the size of the Earth and is approximately 250 million to 30,000 light years away from Earth. Technically speaking, if Gallifrey is located in the Milky Way, it is 27,000 light years away.
Gallifrey is part of a binary star system (meaning it has 2 stars). It also is thought to have at least two large moons and a ring system.
The 8th Doctor destroyed the planet and placed it in a time lock, but it was later re-created and eventually, Rassilion broke the lock and nearly destroyed Earth, but the Master sent him back. The Time Lords were once one of the oldest and mightiest races in the galaxy. They could live for tens of thousands of years.
Time Lords are the same species as Gallifreyans, only they have graduated from the Time Lord Acadamy, which a Gallifreyan would enroll at the age of 8 in a special ceremony where the young boy or girl would look into the Untempered Schism, which showed all of time and space and the power the Time Lord's had. The effects were either amazing, or horrific.
Time Lords were able to travel to and from parallel universes, had control over paradoxes and the fixed points in time. Gallifrey was lead by the High Council. The council was headed by the Lord or Lady President, the Lord of Lady Chancellor, the Lords Cardinal and the Castellan.
The Inner Council consisted of the three most powerful Time Lords; the Lord or Lady President (who help near absolute power, ex. Lord Rassilion), the Lord of Lady Chancellor (who was next in command) and the Castellan. The TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. It is a time-machine space ship used by most Gallifreyans. The most recent model is the TARDIS type 105. There also existed battle TARDISes and War TARDISes. TARDISes can be grown from coral and use Huron energy to power, which the Time Lords have managed to harness.
TARDISes are alive, and they have souls. It is extremely dangerous to look into the soul of a TARDIS.
Other than the preferred method of TARDIS travel, there also existed Time Rings which could be touched together and you were able to instantly travel, or there was also the method ofthe Hand of Omega; which was not used to time travel but it did speed up the development of stars. The race of the Time Lords and Daleks (another ancient race who excelled in warfare) were once at war. The Time Lords were planning on eradicating everything including the universe to win the war and become purely conscious beings. They called this "The Final Sanction".
The Doctor was forced to place all the Time Lords in a Time Lock, so that this plan could never be put into action. Thus, the Time Lords were vanquished, but the Daleks somehow still survive to today. The Time Lord Ferain sent the fourth Doctor back in time to either avert the Daleks creation, find a weakness or to somehow make them less agressive. The Doctor succeeded in possibly setting them back a thousand years.
Before the Doctor got there, Daleks had invented a time machine (Whovians dubbed it the DARDIS) and the third Doctor at this time navigated his TARDIS to Spiridon (Dalek colonized planet spearheaded the attack force) The Time Lord planet Thals soon discovered this base and destroyed it.
The seventh Doctor used the Hand of Omega to destory the planet Scaro's sun (Dalek homeworld's sun). The Daleks although, still had a fleet of 10 million saucers which they soon dispached. The Time Lords sent out one million battle TARDISES, bow ships, N Forms and black hole carriers. Hand of Omega Time Rings TARDIS Time War Overview Cont. The eighth Doctor was originally not included in the war. After he saw a Dalek exterminate a young child, he joined (even lead) some battles in the Time War. The Sontarans tell legends of this.
In the first year of the Time War, Darvos was killed when he piloted his ship into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. Dalek Caan (the last member of the Cult of Scaro) eventually saved him at the cost of his own sanity.
At the Battle of Arcadia in the heart of the battle, millions died every second. By the end of the war, President Rassilion became leader and he resurrected the Master, thinking him to be an excellent soldier. But when the Daleks took over the Cruciform, the Master fled to the end of the Universe and turned himself into a human temporarily. The Master The End of the Time War At the end of the war, President Rassilion was getting extremely desperate. Some of the horrible things that had almost been released at the end were the Deadsmiths of Goth (Expert weapon designers more feared than the Daleks who invented the Apocalypse Devise), the Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Could've Been King and his army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres and the Nightmare Child.
During this time of desperation, the eight Doctor managed to get a hold of the Great Key (which was used to activate the De-Mat gun) and the De-Mat gun (which removed something from existance). The Doctor re-programed the gun to time lock -not one- but millions of individuals. This gun became the "Moment", the weapon that destroyed Gallifrey. The Aftermath Any time-conscious beings were devastated by the Time War, but unconscious beings were not affected at all. Some other side effects included the Gelth loosing their physical bodies and were reduced to a gas form, Eve's were completely wiped out and the Kolox were wiped out, leaving behind the Kolox Nebula.
Because the Time Lords were eradicated, history was left vulnerable to change. An example is when Rose created a paradox to save her father. The Time Lords could have prevented the Reapers from ever coming. Also, when the Time Lords were killed, travel between parallel worlds became nearly impossible.
Survivors of the Time War: The Doctor, Leela, The Master, The Dalek Emperor, K9-Mark 1, a Dalek that crashed on Ascension Island, the Cult of Skaro, a Dalek Progenitor, a group of Daleks in the 22nd century, the Dalek Asylum, Darvos, the Advocate, Eve and the Gelth (though, they lost their bodies). Gelth Leela K-9 Mark 1
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