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The Knife Glider Full

No description

samuel shipp

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of The Knife Glider Full

Path to Product Launch

September 2015

Let's Begin!
Target Market
Women ages 25-45 yrs
- Purchasing Decision Maker
- Main Kitchen User
- 85.4 Million individuals make up
this U.S. Demographic.
- Convert .005% in Sales
- 427,000 Units Sold at $19.95
- $8,518,650.00 in Sales
TV and Internet Campaign
Nie ufaj nieznajomym!
Prezentację opracowała
mgr Katarzyna Świętoniowska
Edukacja wczesnoszkolna - studia podyplomowe 2012/2014
The Problem
Heard Around
The World!

Generate Nationwide Distribution
The Knife Glider tm
Where We Are Now
Big $$$$
Awarded U.S.
Non Provisional Patent
10 Claims
Social Media Web Site
Fund Raising
Product Launch
The Knife Glider tm
Product Demo
Thank you For your Support and $25,000
Powered by:
Brilliant Inventors LLC
Product Launch
Marketing Plan
The Sky's The
Limit With Our
Inventor's Corner
Showcase of new products is seen by a captive audience of 20,000 Buyers.
New Product Showcase/IHA Innovation Awards
Large Company Buyers
- Hosts 60 inventor exhibitors

- Retail buyers and exhibitors know this is where to find the latest, most creative new product concepts.

-At the center of media and industry attention.
Media Exposure
Interact with Other Colleagues in the Industry
As many as 42% of the companies participating in the Showcase have been featured in print and TV coverage of the Show.
Largest Housewares Show In the World!
80% of buyers surveyed said they planned to visit the showcases representing
350 Million Consumers
- Products are featured according to category.
- Possible Innovation Award
- Buyers and News Media are informed of your product before the Show.
- You get a list of Buyers who scanned your product.
- Product featured throughout the year at www.housewares.org
Samuel Shipp
- MBA Business
- Owner of
-Invitational Crowd Funding Seminar Speaker
Who Thinks Having a Mentor is Important for Success?
Corbin's Support Means:
- Quality Manufacturers

- National and International Distribution Channels

- Industry Decision Makers
Retail Stores

- Potential Investors for Working Capital
Creative Social Studios
Public Relations
Ruby Red Ventures
$25,000 Grant
Retail Sales
World Wide Distribution
-Major Mile Stone for The Knife Glider

-Major National Recognition

-Major Volume Increase
-Short Form As Seen On TV Commercial
- 50 Spots on 3 separate networks
- 150 Spots Total

- TV Supported by Social Medial and Web Sales
Social Media
Website Updates
Plastic Injection Molding
Ruby Red Ventures Objectives
-Nurture entrepreneurial spirit

-Promote the creation of innovative businesses in Mission, TX

- Encourage entrepreneurially oriented residents to develop and grow new ventures based either on their own ideas and technologies or those developed by others
Important Requirements
- Must document that at least 75% of your company’s sales would come from outside of Mission
- Must be seeking outside equity capital in addition to the project awards
Emu Plastics
Priority Tooling Solutions
Brilliant Elegance LLC
Brilliant Inventors LLC
- This Years Nominee for the UTPA SBA
Small Business owner of the year!
HEB Director of Supplier Deversity- James Harris
Lynette Fein
Senior Buyer
As Seen On TV Productions
Bernadette Voelker
QVC Sr. Buyer
Martin Rayner
Director of Purchasing
Lakeland Brands Inc.
See Business plan
for more financials
Company Branding
We will Put
"Proudly Made in Mission TX"
on our Packaging!
USP #8959776
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