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Autism Trivia

Autism Trivia Slide Show- Autism Awareness Week

Kate Lenhart

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Autism Trivia

Autism Awareness Week Autism Trivia Question 1 Autism affects 1 in ____ Question 3 Question 4 Boys are how many more times likely than
girls to have autism? 88 • limited or inappropriate social interactions
• "robotic" or repetitive speech
• inability to understand social/emotional issues or non-literal phrases
• lack of eye contact or reciprocal conversation
• obsession with specific, often unusual, topics

At what age can symptoms of autism begin to appear? Four times Question 2 Are often defined as symptoms of what
autism spectrum disorder? Asperger Syndrome Question 5 What percentage of individuals on the autism spectrum have intellectual disabilities? Between 35% and 45% 8 months Question 6 When can autism begin to be
definitively diagnosed? a. 8-12 months
b. 12-18 months
c. 18-24 months
d. 2 - 3 years
C. 18-24 months Question 7 Repetitive behaviors such as hand-flapping, rocking, spinning, and wiggling fingers in front of one's face are referred to as... Self-stimulating or "stimming" Question 8 What is the purpose
of "stimming?" Anxiety relief, to deal
with sensory overload Question 9 Meaningless repetition of words is called... Echolalia Question 10 One unique autism spectrum disorder that is primarily found in females is...
a) Rett syndrome
b) X-tied autism
c) Emble syndrome
d) Female onset autism a) Rett syndrome Question 11 Heller's Syndrome is very similar to
traditional autism, but differs in one main
way. How does it differ? a) Doesn't affect communication
b) Has a later onset
c) Also causes many food allergies
d) Only affects African-Americans b) Has a later onset Question 12 What two things do many individuals believe
should be removed from an individual with autism's
diet? (100 pts. a piece) Gluten and casein What month is the official autism awareness month? April Question 13 Approximately what percentage of individuals
with autism do not speak/are non-verbal? About 40% Question 14 65% of students with Asperger Syndrome report what happening to them within the last year? Being bullied by peers Question 15 True or false: having a sibling with an autism spectrum disorder increases an individual's chance of having an autism spectrum disorder. True Bonus! Thank you for participating!
Be sure to come to some of our other events this week!
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