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The Five Themes Of Switzerland

Mr.Mann's 4th period

Julia S.

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes Of Switzerland

Switzerland Human Environment Interaction Region Place
Human Characteristics Physical features Pictures Location Place
Physical Characteristics Switzerland is in the northeastern hemisphere.It is on the continent of Europe. It is east of France, north of Italy, south of Germany, and west of Austria. The latitude of and longitude of it's capitol city,Berne, is 47 degrees North and 8 degrees East. When you arrive in Switzerland, you will see the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps are part of a mountain range that spans halfway across Switzerland.Another feature of Switzerland if that it has many lakes. For example Lake Geneva which has a surface area of 584 km².Some plants in Switzerland are mosses, lichen, scrub, pines, chestnut trees, vine, apricots and tomatoes. Some animals in Switzerland are deer, stag (type of male deer), fox, marten(part of the weasel family),Wolf, bear, lynx and beaver. Buildings in Switzerland are like the ones in the US only more colorful. When viewing the buildings I noticed that they use a lot of red and green. Some traditional food of Switzerland is Fasnachtsküchlein (Carneval cookies), Fondue, Wurstsalat (Sausage salad), Brunsli (Swiss brownies, Christmas treat), Schokolade Kuchen (Chocolate cake), and Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake). In Switzerland they don't really celebrate any certain type of religion. The people who do celebrate a religion are mainly catholic. Some folkways of Switzerland are that girls wear lace topped dresses and boys wear liederhosen.Switzerland has 4 major languages- German, French, Italian, and Romanian. In Switzerland, 74% speak German, 21% French, 4% speak Italian, and 1% Romanian. Schokolade Kuchen Some of the the main imports and exports of Switzerland are machinery, chemicals, metals, agricultural products, and textiles. When traveling to Switzerland you are not required to have a visa, but you are required to have a passport.The presence of non-Europeans in Switzerland is small.A main problem in Switzerland today is immigration. They have billboards that say things like "The stop mass immigration!" Lumberjacks cut down the trees in Switzerland for firewood because of the cold weather. There many contributors pollute the natural land such as industries, farming, transport and outdoor activities. Cars also play a role when they release gases into the environment. Switzerland is one of those countries that contain many resources and very little pollution.The Swiss Alps cause many natural disasters for the people which include avalanches, floods, and landslides. Switzerland Lake Geneva Swiss Alps Pine Trees Covered by ice in the Swiss Alps Marten Wurstsalat A Swiss Boy and A Swiss Girl Movement "The stop mass immigration!" Avalanche! Switzerland is located in the Europe and Russia Region. It is there because of its cold, snowy climate and mountainous features. It is also in this region because of the similar life styles of the people.
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