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A Long Walk to Water - Chapters 2 & 3

Africa Unit

Kim Yates

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of A Long Walk to Water - Chapters 2 & 3

by Linda Sue Park
A Long Walk to Water - Chapters 2 & 3
Prior Knowledge:
Based on a true story...
Nya's Walk
Chapter 1 introduces us to an eleven year old girl named Nya.

What do we know about Nya?

Why do you think the author included Nya in the text?
Conflicts exist between Northern and Southern Sudan resulting in 2 civil wars in the past 60 years. In an effort to rise up against oppressive northern influence, a group from southern Sudan called Rebels formed to fight against the government. These Rebels would often raid villages, like Salva's in search of people to force work for them either in battle or carrying supplies.
Chapter 2 & 3 Vocabulary
shrouded - covered, concealed
"He couldn't see the school building. It was shrouded by smoke and dust."
mortars - a portable muzzle loading cannon used
to fire shells
"The village men were forced to carry supplies; guns and mortars."
Gourd - a hard-shelled fruit whose dried shell is used for bowls and other utensils
"Nya took the hallowed gourd that was tied to the handle of the plastic can.
Chapter 2 & 3 Questions
1. What are you learning about Nya?
Chapter 2 - 1985
1. What three questions occupy Salva's thoughts?
2. Describe the rebels. How does their appearance and actions affect the people?
3. "Somehow this thought strengthened him enough to keep from collapsing in terror" pg. 11 What thought did Salva have? What does this tell us about Salva?
4. Why is Salva left in the barn the next morning?
Chapter 3 - 1985
1. What is the history between the Nuers and the Dinka tribe?
2. How do tribes tell themselves apart from one another?
3. Salva's hopes rise and then fall. Do you think finding other Dinkas will be the answer he is looking for?
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