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Copy of FAF Preview Concert

No description

Rachel Maxwell

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of FAF Preview Concert

We ask that after the concert ends all audience members remain seated until all of the musicians have exited the auditorium.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Thank you to the Traughber custodial staff for setting up and tearing down the equipment needed for the concert.

Thank you to the Traughber students, parents, and administration for the tremendous support you have given to the band program.
Mrs. Rachel Maxwell, Director
Ms. Jessica Corry, Associate Director
Ms. Zandrea Hafenrichter, Student Teacher, University of IL
Mr. Phil Beale, Percussion Specialist
Dr. Ralph Kober, Principal
Mrs. Rene Garren, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Amy Ryan, Assistant Principal
Band and School Staff
Summer Private Lessons
Upcoming Events
All Grades Band Party~Friday, May 23 @ Luigi's

Advanced Summer Band~July 21-August 13
Music to include:
Frozen, Disney, Bohemian Rhapsody, Man of Steel
Concert at Hudson Crossing on August 13!

Private Lessons
Private lessons are the perfect opportunity to get ahead or get caught up on musical skills over the
Summer Months!

For more information, go to our band website or ask a band director for a list of names. 

We will be using Smartmusic in 2014-15

Follow us on Twitter!
Join Our Text Message Alert System

 Join via SMS by texting to number 23559

For This Year's Classes:
6th Graders: @Traughberband2013 to 23559
7th Graders: @Traughberband2012 to 23559

This service is through Celly, which has a one-way sms alert system that is safe for students to subscribe!

For additional information see www.cel.ly/
Sign up for our Text Alerts
Please make sure the school office has your most updated email address on record!

Also make sure you check for messages from Traughber!
Visit our website!
-Small children and young siblings are always welcome at performances. We would ask that you keep younger children seated with you at all times. If children become restless, you are welcome to step out in the hallway at appropriate times.
-Hold applause until you are certain a selection is over.
-The audience should remain seated throughout the entire performance.
-Applause is appropriate at concerts. Whistling, and yelling is not appropriate in a performance setting.
-Conversation is not appropriate while a group is performing.

Audience Expectations at Concerts
A Spring Concert
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Thursday, May 22, 2014
7:00 pm Traughber JHS

Traughber Junior High School Bands present...
Ask Your Child!
The information we send out is on a giant white-board in the front of our class.
Ask your child to read the board!
Google Calendar
Subscribe to the Traughber Band Google Calendar available on our website!
For purchase – Please go to the Sale table located in the hallway
Purchase a Traughber Band Bottled Water!
$1 each
Cold Water Sale

It is difficult to imagine our school gym as a performance hall but that is exactly what it is. We must make every effort to make the concert experience rewarding for our young performers and our audience.
To show appreciation for our young performers and other audience members, we must strive to be conscious of our actions in a concert setting.

Here are some points to consider as an audience member…
Visit our Facebook page for
Band News and Info!
Why are Private Lessons Important? Especially in the Summer!

1. Working with a private teacher can help a student keep up with peers in the group setting. Every child learns at a different pace. Because of the many aspects of performing an instrument, children will progress differently.
2. Private lessons help to minimize frustration.
3. Private lessons set up the child for success. With a private instructor, a child refines more quickly the fundamentals of playing.
4. The child learns how to practice.
5. It is easier to stay motivated with the help of a private instructor.
Check the Band Website for our Teachers
Congratulations 8th Graders!
Best of luck on your
high school adventures!
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