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13.1 The Civil Rights Movement Takes Shape

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Holly McKnight

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of 13.1 The Civil Rights Movement Takes Shape

13.1 The Civil Rights Movement Takes Shape
What kind of legacy or lesson did Rosa Parks leave behind?
Montgomery Bus Boycott
In chapter 13 we will learn about...
the civil rights era. During this time, people saw politics as a way to correct social
Synonym Practice
On Feb. 1, 1960, the students went into Woolworth and stages a sit-in- a demonstration in which protestors sit down and refuse to leave. They sat in the "whites-only" section of the lunch counter and ordered coffee, but they were not served.
Jot note time!
Civil Rights- equal rights for all citizens
Read: Building Background
- What two things helped start the national movement of civil rights?

Read: Battling School Segregation
- What did the court case Plessy v. Ferguson establish?
- Did this end up being fair?
- What did the NAACP do?
What do you think the two highlighted terms mean?
1. What word is a synonym of sit-in within the text?
2. What clue is given that helps you find the synonym in the text?
3. Can you think of another synonym for sit-in that might have been used?
-Brown v. Board of Education
-Little Rock Nine
Read Linking to Today
Who was Eckford?
Who was Massery?
Why did Massery apologize o Eckford?
What President Clinton award Eckford?
-What was the Montgomery bus boycott and how did it get started?
- What speaker became involved in this protest?
- How did this affect buses?
- What happened to MLK for helping this cause?
-What did the court rule about this issue?

Explain how court rulings and protests challenged segregation in the 1950s.
Complete #4 (Sequencing) on page 408.
Write in complete sentences.
Reminder: What is sequencing?
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