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What I've learned in ENG 103

Introduction of myself followed by a assigments such as descriptive, narrative, definition, cause/effect, compare/contrast, this I believe, and a course wrap up.

David Roe

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of What I've learned in ENG 103

Introduction Descriptive My name is David and I am finishing my first year of Kishwaukee College. I am from Sycamore,IL and have lived there my whole life. I have been playing guitar for over 5 years now. Music is my passion and what I hope to make a career of it someday. This I Believe!!! I believe in true love :). This particular paper was my personal favorite because I got to talk about meeting my girlfriend Luisa and how we are still together and in love for over a year now. I enjoyed writing this paper the most out of any paper I've written in my life. Compare/Contrast Cause/Effect Definition Narrative Beauty on the outside is just as important as beauty on the inside. This paper gave me the opportunity to discuss the concerns I think alot of people have when it comes to the perfect women. This paper was about the true story about how I got bit by a pit bull and shortly afterwards lost my job because of said bite. When pursuing a relationship I believe there always has to be that spark, that bond between two individuals to make was is last forever. Music has been and will always be something that is close to my life personally. Music for me is like a best friend that never leaves no matter what. Writing this paper made me appreciate music even more than I do now. Music and books make the world go around. Communication is something I cherish in my own relationship and is also something I feel can make or break a relationship. Love is talk and talking leads to love. I enjoyed writing this paper and sharing my opinions on the topic of communication. Course Wrap Up! Good advice for anyone going into this class I believe would be don't take these assignments for granted, try your best that's all you have to do to succeed. I Believe I Have Found An Angel Long Legs, Blonde Hair and a Great Smile Inspiration Has No Limits What Is Love Without Connection??? When Work Turns Deadly??? What Do You Mean Your Heat Broken??? :(
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