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Green Engineering & Sustainable Design

The New 'Green' Office Product

Andrew Zingale

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Green Engineering & Sustainable Design

Creating a Office Product Green by Cuchulain Kelly, Dana Miller, Matthew Spaulding, & Andrew Zingale Piezoelectricity Problem Formulation Create a product that will reduce resource and energy consumption in offices, with no negative impact on productivity

…should be suitable for a wide variety of offices

…address an important source of office-generated waste or pollution

…should be novel, to attract attention to the potential of green products Identify Evaluation Criteria & Constraints -Serve a useful function in an office

-Reduce the use of non-renewable energy

-Be easy to install/integrate into the office environment If your design is successful and effective, it will: Ideation Constructing a Product Mock-Up Preliminary Ideas
Novelty 25%
Integration with rest of office 20%
Cost 20%
Effectiveness at reducing energy use 20%
Effectiveness at reducing water use 10%
Ease of installation 5% Questions? Beginning Research Evaluating problems in the office Offices visited:
BK Dean's Office; TC Dean's Office; FES Business Office; Creative Art Workshop (New Haven Community Art School); Yale Office of Procurement
Other professionals interviewed: Staples Sales Representative, Professional Plastics Representative Conclusion The ElectroMat - a green office product

Drawbacks - cost

Will it sell? Home Depot & Construction Pics Evaluation of Materials Evalutation of Product Ideas Impacts associated w/ manufacture; Long life; More efficient; Fully recyclable; Used in Prius PVDF Nickel metal hydride battery The ElectroMat Dimensions of ElectroMat = 50"x38"x1"

A sheet of PVDF (30"x18") underneath a layer of carpet.

A drop of 0.50" beneath PVDF to ensure PVDF deflects when stepped on.

Thin battery stored in the side of the mat, easily removable for use

Small LED system that lights up as battery charges and is fully light when battery is fully charged

Cost All materials besides the PVDF will cost about $50

The PVDF is the most expensive material - $178.56, quote from Professional Plastics

High-end "green" bamboo floor mat: Anji Mountain Mat = $147 Product Specifications Thank You Life Cycle Considerations Recycled Rubber Adequate supply of recycled rubber; Fewer manufacturing impacts than plastic; Reasonably durable; Recyclable Carpet/Dye Can use recycled PET/nylon carpet; Uses less energy to manufacture than virgin carpet; Dying process less polluting; Less durable during use phase; Not best end of life option Adhesive No recycled content; Low energy use; Non-toxic; VOC free option; Less desireable than alternative (clips) for end-of-life. Chemically manufactured; Energy intensive, But low mass; More durable; Process for taking off fluorine. Overall was better enviro-option Time for ElectroMat to make up the difference in price with the bamboo floor mat: ~5 years Extracting energy from human motion 100% recycled products Built environment:
modular furniture + recycled carpet Integrated shredding and recycling Cartridge refill, stacking & takeback Staples' solution Staples' solution
Effectiveness at reducing energy use
Effectiveness at reducing water use
Ease of installation
Integration with rest of office Modify Evaluation Criteria + novelty! Integration into offce -Compare: size, shape, height, texture
-Non-skid, no cords, sloped edges - no tripping
-Installation = lay it down
-Opportunity for corporate branding
-Emergency power source High traffic areas -Efficiently scavenge energy; prevent "traffic lane grey"
-Average lifespan industrial carpet: 7-10 years Interactive zones -Enagage, entertain and exercise customers
...or employees Pavegen self-lighting crosswalk, UK Shibuya train station,Japan Major corridor, Simon Langton Grammar School, UK PowerLEAP sound + power playground installation, Michigan Pavegen Interactive information kiosk, East London Learning from the past... Hi guys, not sure if you want to add these as research inspirations or not, but I think (at least on paper), the use of PVDF in our design has some improvements over this MechE project from a few years ago...
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